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What associations do you have with a job search? For me, a resume is always the first thing to come to my mind.

Perhaps, it’s because I hate resume editing or writing and it’s just my eternal struggle. What makes the matter worse, traditional resumes are gradually going out of fashion. Job seekers keep looking for the most extraordinary ways to stand out and make their applications noticeable.

Is your resume ready for experiments? You never know unless you try. But stay careful: a creative approach to resume writing can either boost your chances in obtaining a dream job … or lead you to a great failure.

Confused? Let’s figure it out.

What? Where? When?

Everyone who ever thought of writing a creative resume, has to answer one simple question: “What for do I need one?” You need to know what goals and what results you are trying to achieve with its help and how beneficial it is over a traditional resume format. After all, you are trying to self-promote yourself to the right people in the labor market and not hurting yourself while acting unconsciously.

There are no right or wrong creative graphic design resume templates. Thousands of those are available online but the worst thing you can do is to make a cookie-cutter resume based on one of those templates. 

According to many HR managers, the main thing is to provide an appropriate, adequate and useful information to help the employer make the right decision. As a rule, they tend to pay more attention to resumes with a clear description of the applicant’s previous job experience, development aspirations, skills education as well as additional training.

The majority of hiring specialists assume creative resumes are only appropriate in three main cases:

  1. the applying job has a direct relation to creativity (designers, art professions, decorators etc.);
  2. if you really have something to stand out for;
  3. if you truly believe a standard resume is not for you, and none of my above-mentioned claims convinced you to change your mind.

Recognize yourself? If no, listen to the experts’ advice and choose a traditional ATS resume format or choose a good resume writing service from my review. If yes, try your luck with the best creative resume templates and continue reading…

Optimal Creative Resume Design

Provided you decide to use one of the creative resume designs templates as an example for your future application, do not limit yourself to this particular template. “Sky is the limit”, so go ahead and try your creative skills in practice. To help you find the optimal creative resume design, these are my 5 tips on how to get started with your first creative resume.

Use Color

Traditional resume formats do not allow to use more playful colors but creative ones do. One thing you need to make sure is that using bright colors will not affect the text visibility. It’s also a great idea to incorporate a certain color scheme of the company you apply. Just a little something that can please even the strictest HR manager.

Good Graphics creative resume template to use

There is a slight difference between when graphics look good or are completely redundant. If they are related to your job position or field, go one and insert some in your resume. Just don’t that all graphics must be of high quality and make a good fit for your resume content.

Try multiple options. I have seen cool examples of creative business resume templates with incredible graphics that made we want to do the same in my application. Just don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Use a Headshot

The world has become extremely negative to discriminations against your appearance, so they’ve taught us to exclude a photo from a traditional resume. But let’s be honest right now. Including your personal image in a resume can make an indirect face-to-face interaction between you and your potential employer, which is a great way to ingratiate yourself to any individual.

Herewith, there are so many jobs where your appearance matters. Not in the way how attractive you are or which color skin you own but in the way how friendly and pleasant you can look for other people. Make sure your headshot is professional and of high-quality.

Try a Proper Layout

Finally, your most substantial part of making a great resume is choosing a correct but unique layout that fits your content and the job you apply. Let’s say, you are going to be a hairdresser and find a job in a beauty salon. You have thousands of options to opt for, from choosing the layout like a movie poster or a playbill. Some even model their resumes like a social media profile and that works super well for SMM managers or digital marketers.

More Resume Formats to Try

Hopefully, you are aware that MS Word or PDF resumes are no longer the only options to present yourself to the employer. Because technologies allow bringing almost every idea to reality, resumes are no longer considered as a written document only.

Perhaps, this time you’ll choose something even more extraordinary than a document with a unique layout, color scheme, and graphics:

Video Resume – are you surprised? In fact, YouTube has been hosting thousands of resumes in a video format lately.

Online Resume – except LinkedIn, there are many other websites where you can create and leave a resume that basically “works for you” online and attracts employers.

Infographic Resume – a super trend resume format today. If you are following trends, why not? If you know nothing about this, check my post with tips how to make an infographic.

Nonetheless, if you decide to record a video or craft a resume on one of the online resume builders, be aware that some employers still demand to send a traditional resume format. Stay out of the risk and prepare one in advance.

Did you like my tips? Share your creative resume writing experience below in the comments section – I am interested to know!


Irene Kot


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