Top 11 Cleaning Products You Must Always Have In Your Disposal

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Yes, I am not that type of a person that enjoys cleaning and each time I am doing cleanup in my house, I try to end everything as fast as possible =) Therefore, here comes a question: how to reduce the amount of time you usually spend on doing your weekly house cleanup?

Of course, fastness comes with the experience and some of the chores are meant to become automatic. However, a lot of it depends on good cleaning products. It’s great that market offers us a plenty of choices. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to select the one product from hundreds of similar ones we are offered in stores.

What I know for sure is that you can’t figure out for sure which cleaners would be the best for your own use. I have spent several years of living-on-my-own life before I finally found my favorites. So, this cleaning products list of my 11 favorites will help you finally wean from endless scrubbing.

Reading about cleaning don’t forget that any housewife should also have a hobby for women that makes her inspired.

1. Sprayway Class Cleaner

Let’s start with the most problematic place in your home (at least, I think so) – glasses and mirrors. I believe the best way to clean up glass without leaving any stains is wiping it with a simple dry cloth. But Sprayway Glass Cleaner copes with super dirty surfaces pretty well. It’s foamy and therefore convenient in use because the liquid doesn’t drip down.

2. Bon Ami

Having kids makes you think twice before you purchase any cleaners that might have a lot of chemicals in them. Thus, I am trying to give preference to more organic cleaning products and one of my lucky purchases was a Bon Ami natural powder cleanser. First, I can use it for cleaning my kids’ room, and I won’t worry that Bogdan and Solomia would breathe in some chemicals.  Secondly, such cleanser works well for every type of surface, whether it’s a bathtub or a dirty floor. And it’s super cheap, after all.

3. Bounty with Dawn Water-Activated Paper

Yup, such thing might seem like simple paper towels but once you make them a little wet, the towels activate a special Dawn detergent. This one helps with cleaning grease and polishing surface until it gets a shinier look.

4. Clorox all-purpose cleaner with bleach

Ok, having an all-purpose stain remover is certainly a must for every housewife. Believe me; I have used this cleaner to get rid of the grossest things ever, including mold. By the way, Clorox is also a great disinfector, so in case some of your family members catch the flu or something like that, this cleaner should be great for sanitizing clothes and fabrics.

5. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner

There is one more cleanser I’d like to recommend to use around kids and pets without being afraid to intoxicate them with the cleanser’s smell or touch is Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner. It’s made with some oils, plus it scents sweet. You won’t regret anyway!

6. Bar Keepers Friend

Rusty surfaces, hard water – if you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen, then this issue wouldn’t sound that surprising. What’s the best product to get rid of rust and yet to not harm the tableware with scratching? I found my solution in the Bar Keepers Friend hard-working polish, which suits even for glass dishes.

7. Murphy Oil Soap

Okay, I just can’t stand a strong smell of chemicals in my house, so I was looking for a natural cleanser for my kitchen counters for quite a long time until I discovered Murphy Oil Soap. It’s a gentle cleanser you can use on every type of surface, including tile or laminate. But the best thing is that is DOES NOT stink with some cheap “chemical fragrance”.

8. OXO Duster

Once I learned a rule: invest in a good duster. And I did: I actually invested in this amazing OXO duster and there wasn’t a minute I regretted about it. Picks everything to the tiniest speck of dust.

9. Resolve

Oh, cleaning my carpets and rugs is just another long story. Those who have kids or pets at home know what I am talking about. So, I am pretty glad I found a universal solution for all kinds of stains. Resolve cleanser copes with everything, from blood and wine to children’s paints.

10. Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Still looking for a good toilet cleanser? In this case, I trust Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner. The cleanser itself disinfects all kinds of germs very effectively, and it makes the surface all white and shiny. Herewith, the bottle has a crook to get under the most inconvenient toilet places.

11. Stainless Steep Wipes

Finally, my constant savior from fingerprints on our steel refrigerator – stainless steel wipes. Just use some to clean up the fridge if you are waiting for someone to come over. Receiving compliments about your shiny steel surfaces is guaranteed!

Do you agree my list of the best household cleaning products? If you have some experience with using such cleaners or you would like to tell about some other good products in your arsenal, please share it in the comments below.

Have a great week!

Irene Kot

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