Let’s Talk about Christian Singles Meetups…

Christian singles meetup

Actually, I’ve thought twice before writing about Christian singles. I don’t know everyone, who reads me. Right because attitude to religion differs and sometimes radically, I had some doubts about covering this topic.

Still, recently my friend has decided to turn to religion to find a soothing for her soul and a harmony in her thoughts. I recommended her getting involved into Christian singles communities as basing on my own experience I know that it may work. In a couple of months, I met her on one of the meetups and you can’t even imagine how surprised I was! I couldn’t recognise my friend – her eyes were burning, she had a sincere smile on her face, and her thoughts were pure.

I’ll never coax you to come to one of the single Christian meetings but if you really need it, you should check out reliable information as we won’t exclude the percentage of tricky scammers and quacks!

What Are You Looking for?

“I just want to hang out and spend time with enthusiasts!”

Great. If you are a Christian, who can’t find his crowd, you’ve got to the right page. Some time ago, I hit this resource – 101christianevents.com – when I was looking for Christian meetings and events. From that time, this website became my favourite guideline through the existing Christian gathering.

The website is very easy in use – you just should pick up your country and choose from the list of the existing events the most interesting one. Here is one more advantage – the website covers all countries. So, if you want to go to Israel on these weekends, you can find a couple of offers.

Furthermore, a website provides full information about dress code, prices, dates, transport, etc.

The same resource has launched a huge Christian social network – 101ChristianSocialnetworks. Here you can become a part of the Christian community from your sofa!

“I want to meet a crush!”

christian couple

Obviously, being a Christian (even very religious) doesn’t mean you have to be single. Still, in the real world and in the real church, finding a love of the whole life isn’t easy. That’s why lots of Christian singles dating websites exist.

I can only recommend you a couple of popular resources:

ChristianMingle.com – a kind of Tinder for Christians.

ChristianDatingServicePlus – another resource that contains information about Christian single groups of your state.

ChristianConnection.com – one more “Christian Tinder” where some of my friends found nice guys.

“I want a real fellowship”

If you don’t want to use the Internet to join Christian singles groups, I can recommend you to apply to your local church. There is one church in my neighbourhood where young people gather on Saturdays to hang out.

While some people attend night clubs and go shopping, I notice that the members of the church cook dinners, watch movies, listen to lectures of the famous Christian pedagogues.

I’m sure that you will find such church in your neighbourhood – there are lots of opportunities that are hidden from a simple passerby.

By the way, if any Christian Mums attending a church regularly read me, drop me a message about your children’s attitude to it. Do they attend church with you? Are they really interested in it? Leave your answers in comments!

I also attend Christian meetings and I would say that it’s a good opportunity to meet someone special or just spend time with use. I’m looking forward to your stories and your experience! Hope that I helped you!

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