How to Choose the Best Women’s Rain Jackets

Woman Rain Jacket

The weather is so unpredictable this year that I’ve already worn clothes of all seasons this winter: from a light leather jacket to a coat for extreme cold. The rain jacket though occupies a leadership position in my wardrobe. Indeed, I didn’t even bring it back to garage for winter.

It took me several seasons to find a perfect one. Women’s rain jackets are either poor-quality or too expensive. As a rule, it’s not that easy to find a cherished golden middle. Just the same as it was with choosing my sporty swimsuit. That’s so ridiculous when it’s impossible to find a simple stuff with a perfect fit among millions of offers.

Still, I managed to find a good one for a good price and you will find too. Let’s start from the beginning. So…

Crucial Things when Choosing Best Women’s Rain Jackets

Well, I won’t go into boring details. I’d better say that a good rain jacket should be: water-proof and wind-proof, breathable with good waterproof zippers and hood (because I always forget to take a hat with me). This is a basic formula for choosing women’s rain jackets. Now, let’s figure out what most of the stores offer.

Waterproof or Water-resistant? water resistant rain jacket

In the stores, you will face different women’s rain jackets, most of which are either waterproof or water-resistant.

The waterproof breathable coat is made of a cloth that doesn’t let water get through to your skin but still let the sweat “go” outside. This variant is, especially, good if you plan any activity.

Rain slickers or ponchos refer to waterproof non-breathable types of raincoats. They are okay if you simply sit or stand around but if you move, you can get wet.

Water-resistant coats are kinda less reliable type of gear – they are suitable for a light rain for a short time. Windbreakers and featherweight jackets are water-resistant rain jackets.

So, the bottom line: if you need a rain jacket for a long-lasting staying under the rain, you should choose waterproof gear.

The same principle refers to windproof that is designed for a strong wind and wind-resistant or ultralight garment for optimistic forecast cases. 60+ mph wind requires wearing REI-brand jackets.

Gore-Tex Technology

Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane that doesn’t let water get in but helps the air circulate and gives a vent to sweat. Just because the technology allows the cloth to be very light but highly breathable and waterproof, companies with sportswear, who produce the Gore-Tex gear, have many devotees and much revenue, of course.

Its thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene has over 9 billion pores per square inch. Exactly because of these pores, Gore-Tex membrane has its characteristics. Anyway, when you start looking for women’s rain jackets on sale, give a preference to this technology and you won’t get wet or cold.

The Other Important Details

Before purchasing a fancy raincoat, pay attention to the:

  • 1Seam Taping

Women’s rain jackets itself have too many seams but only taped seams will provide waterproof. Not all soft-shell jackets seams are taped but it doesn’t mean that a gear is of a poor quality. Most of them simply add the complexity but play no significant role.

  • 2Zippers

Rubberized coating or a storm flap will prevent water from seeping inside. Laminated zippers are a good decision for the best women’s rain jackets but they are harder to move. These details require being covered with a zipper hut or zipper garage to protect the small opening at the end of the track.

  • 3Hoods and Pockets

All pockets must be covered with waterproof zippers and hoods must have brims to adjust the size of the opening. Some hoods can be hidden inside the collars – that’s very convenient. Your healthy snacks will be safe in such pockets:)

Companies I Trust

My number one company with the best women’s rain jackets is Columbia. No other company (in my opinion) has such qualitative coats and sportswear. Plus, now they have solid discounts and you can purchase a woman’s rain jacket for $70 (twice cheaper).

I also trust REI-brand jackets and The North Face ones.

By the way, what are you favourite raincoat brands? Or maybe umbrella is your only one saving?

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