12 Chocolate Lover Gifts for All Occasions

chocolate lovers gifts

Finding a good and memorable gift for any occasion is difficult. Still, the search seems to be faster if the man of the hour is a chocolate lover! On the surface, there are so many things to give but it’s not easy to find an original and outstanding present.

If you are hindered by the variety of the products and services, you should check out my gift guide and choose the best gift for a chocolate lover. Here you can find expensive and budget gifts that you can buy in the local stores or order on the Internet.

If She Is a Girl…

… she will definitely like the cosmetics with a taste/smell of chocolate.

1. Chocolate Lip Balm

Quality chocolate lip balm is a universal decision for a gift: tasty and useful. You should check out iHerb website – personally, I can trust the quality of their products.

A good idea would be to make chocolate lip balm – it’s always more pleasant to receive handmade gifts as you know that a person needed time and dedication to make it. And as usual natural products are much better for immune health than chrmical.

Price: starting at $3.

2. Chocolate Bath Bomb

chocolate gift for her

Even if your friend or relative didn’t get used to taking a bath with foam, oils, and bath bombs, your gift would be a great reason to start it. Look on iHerb.

Price: starting at $4.

3. Chocolate Fudge Scented Candle

Chocolate candles will create a perfect atmosphere for a chocolate lover. A person can use it everywhere: in the bathroom, for romantic dinner, before sleep, etc.

Check out Etsy to purchase them.

Price: starting at $5.

4. Chocolate Soap Bars

The other good gift for a chocolate lover girl would be a kit of the chocolate soap bars. Great aroma of this useful thing will drive a sweet tooth crazy!

Etsy also has many chocolate soap items starting at $4.

5. Crème or Body Lotion

A chocolate lover will definitely like the idea of smelling like a tasty chocolate. Perfumed lotions will remain on the skin for a long time.

Price: starting at $15.

These chocolate lover gifts are universal: it’s okay to give them to people of all ages and sexes.

6. Chocolate Balsamic Vinegarchocolate present

Chocolate balsamic vinegar will give a sophisticated taste to many dishes. A man of the hour will open new dimensions of the simple dishes.

You can also find it on Etsy at $20.

7. Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot

A great thing that will be handy on the parties and in the cold winter evenings. And it’s another great idea for a party plan.

I saw it on Amazon. Price: $18.

8. Basket with Rare Sorts of Chocolate

A real sweet tooth will definitely appreciate a chocolate lover gift basket with unusual and not banal sorts of chocolate: spicy, salty chocolate, chocolate with bacon or flower petals (I really like a lavender chocolate), weight loss chocolate, gold chocolate, chocolate with alcohol or Tobacco leaves, etc.

Of course, you shouldn’t purchase the whole bars of unusual chocolate as the taste can be strange and your friend or relative might not like it. Such rare chocolate sometimes is sold in small packaging to taste. Still, it’s a good idea as your friend then can boast of trying sooo many kinds of cherished chocolate.

Check out Amazon for such crazy decisions.

9. Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liquors Gift Box

This gift is a universal decision: a person will receive a box with chocolate tasting like famous liqueurs like Jack Daniel’s Tenessee Whiskey, Borghetti Caffe Espresso, etc. and enjoy the taste of it. If I consume alcohol, I would definitely like it!

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