Car Driving at Night: Working Tips to Stay Safe

Driving At Night

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents on the road happen three times greater at night than during a daytime.

My morning has started with this statistic and I realized that there is nothing worse for a driver than getting someone else’s high beams shined in the eyes. Still, it’s not about convenience. It’s the danger. Driving at night is dangerous and when my husband has to drive after dark, I feel like a cat on hot bricks.

As an attentive wife, I found out about some effective life hacks that will help drivers at night. So, keep reading to learn about main troubles while driving at night, ways to cope with bad vision and drowsiness, and much more!

Trouble Driving at Night: Health

Driving at night vision problems remain at the top of the list of troubles with night driving. Blurred vision appears when the sun goes down BUT don’t surf the Internet to find out your diagnosis. Cataract, glaucoma, diabetics – a few things from the large list of health problems that can cause a blurred vision at night.

In all cases, you should visit a qualified ophthalmologist to define a real problem. What he can do:

  1. He will give you a standard eye exam to pinpoint night vision problem.
  2. He can prescript you night-driving glasses even if you don’t wear glasses at all.
  3. People, who had a cataract surgery, may ask for an aspheric intraocular lens (a special type of lens that improves contrast sensitivity).
  4. He can treat your dry eye syndrome that can also be a reason of blurred vision.

In general, a qualified doctor will define a problem and prescript the treatment. Whatever. Don’t self-medicate.

Trouble Driving at Night: Drowsiness

Drowsiness is one of the most widespread problems driving at night and here are 6 ways how to stay awake while driving at night:

  1. Get Energy – take a nap before hitting the road.
  2. Have a nutritious meal that will give you energy for a long trip. But choose a small portion as large portions and heavy meals will cause you to crash and become tired. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are the best variants.
  3. Take vitamins that will be an extra source of energy. Vitamin C and B tablets are the best variants. Choose special vitamins for men taking care of your husband.
  4. A single cup of coffee contains 75 milligrams caffeine that will help you to keep alert for some time.
  5. Yes, a simple sugar-free chewing gum can occupy you and make your brain work.
  6. Turn on the music or radio or use a buddy system. A talkative companion can distract you from sleep but not let him distract you from driving!

Tassel’s Life Hacks

William Van Tassel, Ph.D., manager of driver training operations at AAA’s national office holds a doctorate in safety education and knows a little bit about safe driving at night. I familiarized with his workshops and lectures and according to Dr. Van Tassel, what should you do when driving at night:

  1. Shift your gaze down and to the right to avoid being blinded by approaching headlights. Stick to the edge of the road and wait till the headlights pass.
  2. Increase your following distance. Our reaction gets worse at night, so choose 5-6 seconds distance to the next car.
  3. Check your mirrors frequently. It will increase your awareness of what, actually, happens on the road.
  4. Clean your windshield, windows, headlights and taillights frequently.
  5. Consider installing enhanced replacement headlight bulbs on your car – it will help you to see more road area.
  6. Turn on your headlights at dusk, or use them all the time.

Some of you would ask which of the following is not a good tip for driving at night? I won’t even mention such obvious things as exhaustion, alcohol, and broken headlights but I would recommend you to check out the forecast. Weather conditions can be the reason of accidents, especially at night.

Well, I hope my brief guideline on the safe night driving will be useful for you. Remember that safety and cautiousness are our main companions on the road.

If you have your own tips on night driving, share them with me in comments!

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