14 Effective and Boosting Social Media Promotion Ideas

social media promotion ideas

So, you’ve created a page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media network. You wrote a catchy caption, placed a nice profile photo, and started following about 100 “potential” subscribers. “I did my best” – you think. I must earth you – you are wrong.

The first thing about social media that you should know is that it won’t promote itself. Yes, it will work for you in the future. It’s a so-called “grapevine effect”. But before it, you have to overcome important steps toward a working social media.

Want to start this journey right now? I hope you didn’t forget your password 🙂

Starting from the Bottom: Facebook

facebook blog promotion

Let’s start with Facebook as a huge, I mean enormously huge, a number of opportunities hide there.

 1. Stay Closer to Your Friends

A good idea about Facebook is keeping in touch with your friends even if they are only friends on Facebook. I mean, you should ask about their opinion about your product, your vacation destination, the color of your new dress. Whatever.

2. Add REALLY Useful Resources

If you found a cool, even a genius, resource handy to everyone, it would be a very good idea to share it. A funny picture or video accompanying your ad will be relevant, I think. Don’t forget that recommending free app or resource will boost an interest twice.

3. Offer a Survey

Offer your friends to take part in a survey that refers to everyday life. If it’s close to the reality of your audience, it will draw interest.

4. Post Infographics

The era of infographics has come and you should take the most out of it. Infographics draw particular attention as they contain useful (usually) information without “water” presented in a brief way. And you can read my post how to make an infographic to cover interesting topics.

Leave a comment and tell me what would you prefer: a brief and informative infographic or a long boring scientific article?

 5. Repeat Your Popular Posts

Links to the “most popular” articles will boost your audience. The feedback of your friends will tell you what content is relevant. So, pay attention to it.

6. Keep up with Time

Comment the most relevant and topical events. News that are on everybody’s A-list will draw the attention of the subscribers. Conchita Wurst has won Eurovision. Ridiculously but you can comment it.

Click, Filter, Caption, Publish: Instagram

instagram promoting

7. Show the Background

If you use Instagram for business, you can show a background of your work. Hilarious photos of your employees, videos of the working process, namely how you create your products – all this is interesting.

8. Use Hashtags

Guess there is no need to comment it. #Hashtags #have #real #power. And remember that Instagram is about a quality visual content, so you will need to use photo editing apps and tools to make you pictures look perfect.

9. Be Yourself

Don’t be fake. People see and feel falsity. It really irritates me in some “bloggers” and I simply unsubscribe.

10. Be Multifaceted.

The next thing that irritates me and millions of other “Instagramers” is the same content. Selfie, selfie, selfie or food, food, food. Boooring… Even if you don’t travel, haven’t got an outstanding job, you still can be interesting.

Express Yourself in 140 Characters: Twitter

twitter promoting

The secret of social media promotion in Twitter lies in brief, catchy phrases that make your followers click the link and read the content or read your twit and follow you. What do you need to add in your profile?

11. Recommendations and Useful Resources.

12. Questions.

13. Links to Useful Articles (maybe from your blog).

14. Your Own Hashtag. It’s good to place your unique hashtag when it’s relevant. For instance, my hashtag is #IreneKotBlog. So, by clicking this hashtag, you can find my publications on Twitter and Instagram.

A Universal Recommendation

Most of us have blogs. Most of the companies that use social media as a promotion platform have blogs. Therefore, spread information about your blog in social media. Leave links, create social media buttons on your website. Let the people know about your content.

Mix up my recommendations and you will see the result. Leave links to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and follow me.

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Responses 2

October 16, 2017 5:56 pm

I have a friend who has opened her own workshop. I have noticed that her social networking page has gotten much more different and she has gotten much more socially active than before. Then I have realized that being open to the world appeals to people. When people get to know you that can trust you more. This is by far the most effective way to boost a small business in the social media I think. However, I will recommend the article for reading to a friend.