The Best Travel Makeup to Look Awesome

Makeup for travelers


As a passionate traveler, I know that a couple of extra hours in a day would be a great idea. As a woman, I know that looking awesome during traveling is a time-consuming challenge. All of the time in trips we usually dedicate sightseeing, shopping, and gastro-tours. Am I right?

Still, it’s possible to look good during vacation and I brainstormed working life hacks about the best travel makeup and travel-friendly beauty products.

May I check your boarding pass, please? We are taking off!

Makeup without Makeup: It’s Possible

Nude shades are the perfect variants of the travel makeup. Nude makeup binds to anything. You don’t need much time to make it – just base, foundation, eye shadows, mascara, lip gloss and your look is ready!

Even little inaccuracies won’t be visible! Usually, I spend 10 minutes for daily nude makeup. It’s invisible but you still look great! The magic of makeup is unbelievable. Check my article about skin care to have fewer things to hide.

My personal life hack – after the flight, my skin looks pale. Rose blushes on the cheekbones will add freshness. I rarely use bright lipsticks and lip gloss and replace them with hydrating clear lipsticks.

Moistening is Key to Healthy Skin

During traveling, we usually underestimate the role of moistening. Still, flight, dry air, salty water, climate change affect the healthy state of our skin. It begins to dry and peel. In order to avoid it, I would recommend you using tissue facemasks (during flights and after them), moistening face crème, and eye patches.

skincare during the vocation

Lotus Facemask, Sephora

care for eye scin

Perfecting Eye-Contour Patch, Matis

lip and eye care

Extra Hydrating Lip Balm, Rexaline


Moistening will help your best travel makeup to adjust to your skin perfectly and stay on your skin for the whole day. One of my favorite products is a rescue team of the Lancaster facemasks. They work together to hydrate and nourish my skin.

travel face care


The Best Travel Beauty Products

My experience allows me creating a list of effective products for different skin types that will save you in traveling. Your skin doesn’t need much – just clean it, moisture, and use natural and quality travel beauty products.

travel nail cream

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Even if you forgot about a manicure, your nails can look good! Lemon buttercream makes your cuticles soft and neat.

travel hair care spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

This salt spray in a small convenient travel bottle will help to create light waves and add a healthy glow to your hair! And don’t forget to take care of your hair before and after the trip.

Sanitizer Spray for trveling

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray

My number one sanitizer! It doesn’t smell like 100% alcohol and it doesn’t dry my skin, unlike many other sanitizers. A light smell of lemongrass, lavender, and oranges. Works miracles in a combination of aloe and glycerin.

travel makeup

Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Perfection á Porter

I don’t travel without my favorite lip-eye duo! This tiny kit has a super hydrating lip balm and eye crème. What does the crème do? It’s a perfect foundation for eyeshadows but it can work alone for a daily nude makeup.

travel hand care

EOS Every Day Hand Lotion

Tiny slim crème for your hands is a useful beauty product! You can carry it along with you even if you took a small purse.

travel dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has already become my must-have travel beauty product. When I have no time to wash and style my hair, this shampoo saves me!

I don’t spend hours for shopping – I find more useful alternatives to spend my time. I usually purchase all my beauty products from Sephora or iHerb. I’ve already told you about iHerb – a great resource that offers natural products. Recently, I’ve found out about StowAwatCosmetics. This online shop has travel beauty kits that have everything you need and don’t take much place in your case.

Ladies, looking good during vacation is possible. You don’t need bright evening makeup. Healthy skin is the best makeup but you still can cover little disadvantages up with a light nude makeup for a good selfie!

Do you wear makeup during vacations? What beauty products do you prefer?

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