When Is the Best Time to Go to Cancun?

Time to Go to Cancun

Called a paradise on Earth, Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Travelers come here to bathe and lay on the beautiful Caribbean beaches. While the local tourism industry has experienced a slight decline in recent years due to the murder history and violence reports, it is still visited by thousands of tourists.

When thinking about what is the best time to go to Cancun, you might need to take into account some factors like weather, prices on flights, hotels, entertainment and so on.


The truth is that room rates are some of the highest during the period from December to April. Also, Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Holy Week and Spring Break are the most popular times for travel to Cancun. When planning to travel during peak seasons, it is important to remember to book a hotel for several months in advance.

In case, you are planning a trip during the rainy season, May to August, when the weather is wet, with heavy rains, you will be able to rent an apartment or book a hotel room at quite an affordable price. For those tourists who prefer an occasional rain shower, this is the perfect time for traveling. During this period, hotel rates are extremely discounted, so if you are a deal-hunter, you will be able to find many cheap deals for hotel rooms.

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Unfortunately, you will not probably get a chance to bathe in the ocean the way it is generally accepted but staying at home, watching the rain through the window with a cup of tea might be a great way to enjoy your vacation.


If you were wondering when is the best time to go to Cancun, top Mexican tourist destination, you might need to plan your trip based on the climate, weather and its seasonal changes. Cancun’ has a tropical climate that is in general sunny. However, tropical storms bringing rainfall can occasionally take place in summer which causes price decreases for both flights and accommodation.

Cancun is a peaceful and quiet place with near-perfect weather that is mostly visited in spring, especially, during the period from December to early April. Winter is probably considered the best time for visiting Cancun when the perfect mix of warm weather, small crowds, and low rates on flights and hotels are offered.

The April and December are peak travel seasons when heavy, noisy crowds of tourists come here regardless of high prices for hotels and flights because the weather is simply perfect. May is good for wildlife when tourists are able to explore the jungles inland.

In general, the weather in Cancun is fantastic all year round, however, summer months have the most amount of rain and humidity. When talking about swimming, ocean temperatures are warm enough throughout the year but cooler in summer. Note that September and October are the rainiest months of the year, so remember to bring an umbrella with you. If you are wondering about dry months, they are July and the end of October.

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Summer is a low season in Cancun. During the period from May to August, Cancun’s weather is the most humid compared to other months. Take into account that temperatures can drop up to 90 degrees. Summer here is a rainy season or the Atlantic hurricane season that runs from June to November. It features extreme rains that sometimes grow into big storms after several days of tropical rain.

If you are heading on vacation in autumn, it can be ruined by a storm as Cancun is located in the region with the wettest conditions. The big storms, however, are quite rare and took place only twice in the last thirty years.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the shores of Cancun causing a lot of trouble to the locals. Most of the hotels in this region are built to withstand hurricanes, however, it might be wise to cancel plans if a storm is threatening. So, make sure to check the hurricane forecast before planning a trip.

Great Flight Deals

To find the best rates, offers, and deals like Global Entry membership, red-eye flights, start searching a few months before the trip. As mentioned above, the summer rainy season, from July through October, is also called the hurricane season. During this period, you can find the best deals ever and save thousands of dollars when buying flight tickets.

To make the flight more comfortable, use some helpful tips and tricks, for example:

  • apply to some of the numerous programs for tourists who are traveling around the world
  • don’t overpay for luggage
  • book flight tickets in advance
  • use your miles to take advantage of business class flights
  • don’t let to cheat you by too attractive deals.

  To Conclude

When choosing the best time of year to go to Cancun, note that the time frame from December to April is the period when tourists are offered with more expensive flights and hotel rooms. During the summer rainy season, from June to August, prices for flights and accommodation are lower compared to the winter and spring period.

So, take advantage of significant discounts in summer and autumn. Make sure you do not plan your trip during the period between mid-March and early April when hurricanes break the Yucatán’s shores.

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