Best Sport Swimsuits for Women

A famous proverb says “Prepare the sled in summer…” and modest blogger Irene Kot adds “…and swimsuit in winter!”

Still, it’s not always easy to find the perfect-fit-swimsuit. The same happens to jeans. I don’t wear them but it took several years for my friend to find her dream jeans – Super Skinny Levi’s 710. Today’s market offers plenty of different models, colors, styles, and prices. The variety of sporty swimsuits for women can turn the head but I tried to systemize all this stuff for you!

Does anyone plan to go somewhere warm? You will need a perfect swimsuit too 😉

One-piece swimsuit or bikini?

Every type of the sporty swimsuits for women has its sympathizers. The main goal of the perfect swimsuit is to hide defects and highlight the advantages. The best one is that makes you feel maximally comfortable.

Some women underestimate the beauty of the one-piece swimsuits while others think that bikini doesn’t fit them.

Don’t follow your fears or prejudices – listen to your feelings and look at your reflection in the mirror.

Though, if you want to preserve your natural beauty, read my post about fresh juices and reasons to drink them.

Plus Size Women still Have Solution

Women with attractive curves or women after pregnancy also have a trendy solution, namely – sporty swimsuits tankinis. They are especially popular among women after pregnancy and I used to wear them. They hide all problem zones and give an ideal feeling of 100% comfort.

The good news is that you still can look trendy and feel comfortable.

How to Choose Best Sporty Swimsuits

When you choose a sporty swimsuit, pay attention to these details first:

  • 1Customizable fit

Give a preference for highly adjustable clothes. Ideally, you should have an opportunity to cinch the straps down pretty tightly to create a secure fit and to regulate the bottoms not to lose them in water.

  • 2Proper Fit

I used to purchase larger swimsuits because I thought it should contribute the activity in water. But once I started swimming, I realized my fault. The perfect sports swimsuit should have a snug fit but be comfortable.

  • 3Material

Some sporty swimsuits stretch out in water and look horrible. The most common materials for swimsuits are nylon, Lycra, and polyester. Still, while polyester seems to be higher in price, it’s the least stretchy and less breathable.

Top Companies with Cute Sporty Swimsuits

I’ve purchased 5 swimsuits from 5 different companies and listed them from the most qualitative and comfortable to the least ones.

  • 1Calavera

Calavera Swimwear is one of my most favorite ones because this is highly adjustable and long-term in use. I used to wear their swimsuit for several seasons but the color didn’t crossfade in the sun!

The pricing policy is quite high.

  • 2Mi Ola

Mi Ola is another great company with highly adjustable swimwear. I like their swimsuits due to the perfect material that doesn’t stretch out.

The prices mostly start from $100.

  • 3Athleta

Do you remember my plank challenge? I stuck to it even during my vacation! What can I say… Athleta swimwear is the perfect choice for workouts! And I like their prints.

The pricing policy is more reasonable. Currently, they launched discounts and you can buy their swimwear for with 50% off for $25!

  • 4Oiselle

This is one of the best companies, which produce sportswear, and their swimsuits line is just adorable!

  • 5Sensi

This company specializes in swimwear for professional kiteboarders. But who said that women look good with a kite only?

The company gives you 10% off on the first order.

A Couple of Words about Fashion how to choose sporty swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits occupy leadership positions on the SS-18 Miami Swim Week. Daring prints, crazy solutions – just a few trends in swimwear industry in 2018.

If you care much about fashion and are ready to go up against gloomy and templated beach fashion, then 2018 prepared plenty of interesting variants for you!


Ugh… Seems like I’ve never dedicated so much time to sporty swimsuits but I hope that information was handy for you!

By the way, do you pay so much attention to swimwear when you go on vacation and how many ones are usually in your suitcase?

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