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Hey, Mammies! How was your Xmas? My holiday was full of happiness, surprises, and fallen Xmas tree (thanks to Bogdan!). I jumped right into Xmas atmosphere but, finally, I got time to drop a line on my blog.

You know, recently I’ve received an email from my ex-colleague, who described a typical Mommy routine, God knows why. Still, during mailing, she mentioned that she finally managed to find a job. Jess was a stay-at-home Mom with experience. Now, her life changed the speed and I am still surprised.

How many of us are badly trying to find dream jobs and still face the cold wall of HR misunderstanding. No, I am not jealous (of course, no). I just try to find the reason for her success and someone’s failures.

Trying to figure it out I started asking my friends what the first thing they do is when they decide to become job seekers. “Find the job” and “write a resume” – were the most common answers. “Resumes? That’s a good thing to discuss with my girls!” I thought and here they are – best resume writing services and resumes at all!

No More Basic Things about Resume

Yes, resume writing services are the last thing that comes to your mind on the New Year eve. BUT my modest life experience shows that life is a tricky thing. Meanwhile, you bake juicy duck with honey apples or cook “Hoppin’ John”, your resume can be done by the best resume writing service. Meanwhile, you promise to start a raw food diet, read 50 books and so on, you can launch a start of your fruitful job search!

You might be satisfied with your cosy homey life. Still, one day you will wake up and think “I wanna find a job!” Believe me, you will sigh with relief when you realize you already have your flawless resume done.

Let’s confess the thing that more than half of the nowadays resumes are done by federal resume writing service. It doesn’t mean that people are lazybones or sad sacks. It means that there are professionals, who can complete a good resume for some fee.

There are dozens, hundreds of resume writing companies online. What to choose? Get it from my personal experience!

My Personal Experience

Once upon a time, I decided to find a job. It was a sudden dash I didn’t, actually, expect. I didn’t know about resume writing service reviews and applied to the first two companies I managed to find. You know, my research took a couple of minutes and then it hit me. I was shocked when I received these so-called resumes. No, I was furious! I paid $110 for this trash!

After several failed attempts, I came across a top resume writing service reviews and saw that one service was flaunting at the top positions in several resumes. I decided to apply for a resume and cover letter to Resume Writing Lab. I can’t say anything bad about this company – fast, affordable, and (what is especially important to me) really-really professional.

I know there are other alternatives such as ResumArea, for instance. The choice is up to you but I can recommend only thу service that satisfied my craziest demands!

So, Mammies, make a tiny list of the basic rules about the best resume writing service:

1)    Find your dream job and research it from head to toe.

2)    Make up a list of your requirements to the resume writer.

3)    Check out a couple of resume writing service reviews and choose the best resume writing service.

4)    Talk to your resume writer and discuss every single detail – your resume must be flawless.

As you finish writing this list, attach it to your refrigerator.

Final Crucial Hints

Every stay-at-home Mom knows how difficult it is to come back to work. Resume works as your best ally unless you pick up the right form and content. Women know when it’s necessary to hide something, don’t we? That’s why I share with you, my dear Moms, the brilliant ideas how to improve resume of the stay-at-home Mom (but shhh – it’s a secret!):

1)    For good Moms with large working experience but large employment gap, it’s better to choose combination type of resume. It allows you to focus on the relevant working experience and to omit your “horrible” employment gap.

2)    For not “that good” Moms with less working experience, it’s better to focus on the relevant education, volunteering, internships. Just start your resume with education section and create a killer career objective.

3)    For bad girls with no working experience, the only variant is to focus on volunteering, online courses, and freelancing.

By the way, if you are one of these groups of Mammies, talk to your resume writer and mention it!

Moms! You shouldn’t be too cautious about resume writing service – it has already become a part of our routine! Just follow the brilliant recommendations from your Irene Kot and find your dream job! Muah! See you.

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