Is Photo Editing Free Possible? Answers About Best Photo Editors HERE

During warm and sunny days, I am very active in all senses. I think everyone gets his additional wave of powers as soon as days get a little longer and you may finally feel yourself alive in the evening cause it’s no longer getting dark that fast.

Also, what I like about spring is its beautiful flourishing nature and it inspired me to join 365-day happiness challenge. I just can’t help grabbing my professional camera that was literally sitting around in my closet for the last few months and take some marvelous snaps anywhere outside, whether it’s a comfy coffee shop terrace or a local park.

Would I consider a photography as my actual hobby? Perhaps. The thing is that I used to never show my photos to anyone but my family because I didn’t really feel like it was THAT good to be published. Oh well, practice makes perfect. And as much as I wish to improve my photography skills in a much faster way, it won’t be any possible unless I am going to work on that a lot.

Besides, we all know that it’s not only about taking a good picture but also having some good editing skills. I mean, every photographer utilizes at least one software, whether it’s a free professional photo editing or a paid one. And you do not necessarily have to be a professional photographer to use these programs as well.

For instance, if you’re working with visual content like I do (even on my blog), and you’re not ready to hire a professional photographer to create these visuals, photo editing apps free can come right in handy. And I am not talking about well-known Photoshop and Lightroom. In fact, many professionals do not work with this software any longer because they consider it outmoded.

I have personally used all of those options and in my opinion, so far Photoshop and Lightroom have much better alternatives for you to try. As a matter of fact, my personal experience proved the fact that there is no free photo editor for MAC that is any good. Sorry to tell you that, guys, but it’s not even worth looking for a free MAC photo editor.

NONETHELESS, if you are still reading this, then you are ready to invest in a good visual content. And this is surely the right choice to make. Is there life for photographers after Photoshop? MacPhun photo apps prove that it surely is!

MacPhun Aurora HDR VS Luminar

Ok, let’s get straight to the business. MacPhun specializes in making great photo apps for MAC users. This company has been even honored by Apple as the ″Best of the Year″ 4 straight years. As I have learned more about Macphun products, I got very satisfied with the apps’ relative simplicity and fastness. It’s a perfect match for both skillful photographers and amateurs looking for less challenging photo editing programs. And by the way, +10 points for a super stylish website’s design. There’s just nothing extra to keep your attention distracted.

So, the company’s best photo editing apps are called Aurora HDR and Luminar. Considering the fact that both I and my husband work with the online content, purchasing both products didn’t seem like a total waste of money – AT LEAST, I thought we would have a wider range of options. And of course, I had a chance to compare these two apps on my own. And here is my verdict…

Aurora – Perfect Choice for HDR images

If you’re a great lover of beautiful landscapes or you’re simply keen on travel photography, then high five because you are just like me. And of course, you might want to purchase Aurora HDR software because it’s literally the best one for HDR images. By the way, it can be used as an independent program for MAC or as a plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. So that if you were about to click the “Delete” button, slow down =)

The latest version of Aurora is impressive: it offers a whole set of new and improved tools that you would never see in other free photo editing programs. With the help of these features, you can come up with more realistic and natural images much faster. And if you are a novice user in photo editing, you’ll be definitely pleased by the ease of use of this software.  That is so because of the following features:

  •    User guide and tutorial videos. Imagine that you just purchased the program and as you open the app, you are literally lost in the variety of offered features. What to click and how to use the tools to get the necessary photo effects? Just click the Help menu and have yourself guided through your first tries. Works perfectly, right?
  •   In spite of the fact that new users might get confused about how to use Aurora HDR, once you get the thing, this app seems very easy to navigate. I mean, the main tools and tool bars are located either at the top or on the sides so that they are easy to find. Therefore, it takes only several seconds to create some super-looking HDR images there.
  •  You can either preset or edit your photo from scratch manually. However you like, works in Aurora just fine.
  • The app works with all existing image files. You can make layer and save each of them separately.

Final verdict: completely satisfied with the Aurora latest version! I am still exploring this software and tend to improve my editing techniques. But even now, with a little experience of less than a week, the photos look amazing. Already thinking about a photo exhibition.

mac photo editing tool

Luminar – Alternative Photo Editor to Lightroom

When you start working with MacPhun software, you start realizing that each of the company’s photo editors is powerful. Same happened to me with Luminar. Yes, it’s not a MAC photo editor free but you will never regret about spending those $69 for such an easy and fun app designed for all levels.

These are the main Luminar features that will definitely make you buy the app for yourself:

  •  Unique and adaptable user interface;
  • One-click presets;
  • Various filters and tools (Luminar holds several times more features than Lightroom);
  • Batch processing;
  • Layers;
  • Selective Masking;
  • Brushes;
  • Overlays;
  • Object removal;
  • RAW file conversion and many others I might still not know about.

Compared to any other photo editor for MAC free, you’ll be impressed with Luminar and its number of tools and possibilities to create some great stuff with their help.

And Macphun put quite a reasonable price for that app, in my opinion. In fact, it might not be that helpful for those who are already skillful Lightroom / Photoshop users, but if you are here, then you probably aren’t. Therefore, take your chance and explore these wonderful apps with me.

By the way, what do you think of Luminar and Aurora? Tried any of those two? Let me know about your experience below. And for now, I am about to get back to my routine. Have a great day and happy spring!

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