10 Best Detox Foods for Weight Loss

detox food for weightloss

Don’t you think the world went crazy about a healthy lifestyle and dieting? People no longer dream of having a tiny slender body figure but strive to have attractive abs and sporty shapes.

Would you choose to keep your body fit and healthy instead of starving yourself with strict diets? Then, you should include detox foods and drinks in your nutrition.

Don’t be afraid of this word – it’s not something extraordinary and you’ll get that after reading. I discovered the detox system quite a while ago and even now I am still a big fan of it. I keep good detox foods in my kitchen and even among my gym bag essentials for two big reasons. First, they help losing weight and second, they cleanse your body from toxins.

If you ever heard of detox diets and think I engage you to try ones, I won’t. You can get excellent results without diets. All you need to do is to include some natural detox foods in your daily ration. Too good to be true? Let’s dive into the question.

Why Are Detox Foods Useful?

The liver is responsible for cleaning our bodies from all the bad stuff like heavy metals. Environmental issues and bad eating habits make a lot of pressure on our liver. It certainly needs help to deal with bad substances.

Consuming liver detox foods can substantially reduce the number of toxins in your body. Moreover, detox products improve the body metabolism. Also, in conjunction with healthy eating habits and active lifestyle, they will help you lose weight.

So next time when you go grocery shopping, do not forget to include these 10 best detox foods on your list. These aren’t some extraordinary and super expensive products – just some regular foods to supplement your healthy diet. Even if you don’t have much time for cooking, you can always make a smoothie that contains all necessary vitamins and looks yummy. 

Top 10 Detox Foods For Your Health and Beauty

  • Broccoli

detox foods for women

Broccoli is an excellent dietary product that removes heavy metal salts from your body. Coming from a cabbage family, this green plant contains a lot of protein, which makes one a good substitute for meat for vegetarians.

  • Beets

Surprisingly, beets are one of the best detox veggies. Because they are high on the natural Betaine amino acid, beets regulate the work of a liver and help to fight numerous liver disorders. The other elements like vegetable cellulose and vitamins C, B2, and B5 make beets a universal remedy for the entire body.

  • Lentils

Lentils contain a large amount of tryptophan. This is an a-amino acid that turns into serotonin – a hormone responsible for our well-being and happiness. Lentils cellulose contributes to good work of our intestine.

  • Apples

All cultivars of apples contain antioxidants that are so necessary for our body. They not only resist the aging of cells but also protect the lungs from harmful ecology and tobacco smoke. Apples also normalize the work of intestine and restore its microflora.

  • Blackberry

This berry contains the most of one super powerful antioxidant – anthocyanin. It protects our bodies from the effects of free radicals, which is a common issue for people living in the urban areas.

  • Greenery

Green leafy vegetables (lettuce, celery, cabbage, spinach) create a cleansing effect on our body. They are able to protect the liver from harmful toxins like pesticides and heavy metals).

  • Citrus fruits

Citruses are rich in vitamins and nutrients. They can not only replace our dessert and make us a little happier but also help to lose those hateful extra pounds. Due to their influence, toxins and slags dissolve in the water and come out of our body easier.

  • Garlic   detox food plan

Garlic is not only a natural antibiotic but also an excellent remedy for detoxification. Garlic is high on one useful substance called allicin. With its help, the body produces white blood cells and fights more effectively with toxins.

  • Green tea

Just replace one of your daily cups of coffee with green or mint tea and you will feel the effect. Thanks to the high content of catechin, green leaves help maintain the liver healthy and also contribute to a body detoxification.

  • Seaweed

Seaweed is rich in fiber essential for the proper functioning of our intestine. Some species of seaweed like kombu are considered especially valuable since they bind and remove all toxins from the body. Also, this food improves the blood flow. Though, remember that raw food diet will help to get the best result.

If you are looking for a proven method to maintain health and beauty for many years, detox is a good way to start. This list is basic but still enough for you to reconsider your eating options and choose beauty detox foods. Many people also use detox foods for skin and it works since it carries out all the junk from your body. The most important thing is to reduce the amount of alcohol, sugar, and caffeine because you will lose all the sense of healthy dieting.

Lots of love,

Irene Kot

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