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Cryptoccurency, bitcoins, mining… So many talks about it recently, so I just could not pass by. And now that people can produce bitcoins without capital investments and deep technical knowledge – through cloud mining, the trend is going further. Cloud mining is great for beginners interested in a passive income, as well as for advanced users who don’t want to mess with equipment or take large risks.

HashFlare is considered as one of the best cloud mining sites for leasing equipment for such purposes. But what exactly makes it number 1 on all lists of popular cloud mining platforms? This is what I learned about HashFlare service from the most popular financial blogs and my husband’s experience.

Brief Overview

HashFlare, established in 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia, allows you to purchase contracts for mining cryptocurrency and rent all the necessary equipment for mining. The founders guarantee customers an instant connectivity, 24/7 access, simple management, high uptime (equipment operation 24h per day) and daily payments. This all made HashFlare one of the largest and most popular cloud mining companies in a course of 3 years.

How It Works

A principle of work of HashFlare is simple and is best characterized if divided into three major components:

Hardware – the technological equipment is developed by manufacturers specifically for blockchain mining. It’s focused on cryptocurrency mining. HashFlare data centers keep hundreds of miners that provide constant growth and capacity support;

Pools – Hashflare pools make sure miners are connected to the process of collective mining. At the same time, at HashFlare you yourself can manage a capacity allocation of different pools to find more profitable combinations;

Payments – all the mined coins are distributed between users of the service depending on their share of hashrate in the whole system.

Benefits of HashFlaref

The registration on the official HashFlare website is very quick and easy, although, this is not the only advantage of this cloud mining platform compared to others.

  1. Fast connection – you are connected almost instantly upon payment. The first accruals are being received within one day;
  2. Money withdrawal – you can withdraw funds from the system instantly;
  3. Statistics – you can see data on how your account functions, regardless of the time of day;
  4. Distribution – The pool settings on HashFlare allows users to distribute their assets to their own selected pools in order to get the maximum revenue;
  5. Commissions – no hidden fees and you can track all changes in your balance through the control panel.

Real Profitability of HashFlare

Before buying capacity from HashFlare, it’s important to know the real profitability of this best cloud bitcoin mining platform. HashFlare never promises anyone that you can get rich using their service. The following data was stated by developers at the level of 120-130 percent per annum. The yield also depends on the pool and which algorithm is used. The statistics show the profitability of best cloud mining 2017 on HashFlare had such indicators:

  • for SHA capacities – 120 percent;
  • for Scrypt capacities – 115 percent;
  • for Eterhash capacities – 90 percent;
  • for X11 capacities of – 80 percent;
  • for Equihash capacities – 80 percent.

You can use HashFlare calculator to count your profitability individual. By the way, mining bitcoins is not the only way to receive money from this company. Customers are also paid by referring others to this platform.

Which Pool to Choose For Mining at HashFlare?

For successful cloud mining at Hashflare.io, you have to select the best bitcoin cloud mining pool first. If you are an experienced miner, then you can choose whichever one you like because you already have an idea how HashFlare cloud mining works. Beginner, however, willing to get a stable income, should rather opt for the largest pools with the most concentration of capacities. And who knows, probably soon you will be able to finance your small business or even something more.

Prospects of HashFlare Project

The most important negative change users are more likely to face in 2017 and later will be an increased period for paying off the invested assets. At the same time, a significant advantage of this project compared to others is a possibility to receive a stable passive income that depends on the value of cryptocurrencies. My husband and I are quite sure that HashFlare can and will bring revenues, at least until 2020 when the value of cryptocurency is most likely to drop down significantly.

To Sum up…

So, is HashFlare legit? Almost all newbies in bitcoin cloud mining ask themselves this question because they are afraid to be deceived. Yes, there are so many scams across the Internet today so you got to be careful. But HashFlare isn’t and numerous positive HashFlare reviews from customers prove this fact. And if you want to start your journey into a world of cryptocurrencies, this company is a very good choice to start off. Just get your HashFlare code, sign up and get revenues.

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