How to Find the Best Calcium Supplement Brand

When my husband and I were planning a child, I faced the hard choice: the choice of vitamins and supplements. I followed my doctor’s recommendations, read special literature, and of course, learned from mistakes 🙂

Today, I want to talk about the best calcium supplement for pregnancy.

Still, you should remember that our organism needs this trace element not only when a woman is pregnant. Calcium is responsible for the state of the hair and nails, the health of the bones and teeth. You can get this micro element with food. However, it won’t be enough for the effective work of the entire organism.

Let’s consider who needs to consume calcium, what dosage each group of people needs, and how to choose the best product!

When Should You Start Taking Calcium Supplements?

Calcium supplements can help prevent the bone loss. It’s especially important during and after pregnancy and after 35 years – this is the time when bones start thinning out. Though all people start losing bone mass with age, this problem is especially topical for women, particularly after menopause.

Speaking of the children, calcium is one of the most important trace elements. The growth of a child, the strength of his bones and teeth directly depend on this mineral. The need for calcium supplementation in the child’s body increases in infancy when a child develops.

The lucky children, who are on breastfeeding, get all trace minerals from the mother’s milk. Your child will get calcium if you have it in your organism.

The issue of calcium supplementation is also actual for the aged people. After 60, the acidity of the stomach decreases and calcium ceases to be absorbed as well as at a younger age.

It’s impossible to say when you should start taking the best calcium supplement. You should track the micronutrient content in your organism and consult with a doctor to find out if you should take supplements. Additional calcium consumption is important for children, women that are planning a child, and aged people.

The Normal Calcium Content in Organism and the Right Daily Norm

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You can give blood for analysis to check the calcium content in the organism. The blood draws is carried out in the morning, on an empty stomach.

The daily norm of calcium for children under three years old is 600 mg.

For adolescents, the calcium norm per day makes up 1000-1200 mg (as well as for pregnant women). The active hormonal activity, the formation of the reproductive system, the growth and development of the teenager requires the increased dose of this trace element.

For an adult, the dose from 800 to 1200 mg is normal. It’s determined by the peculiarities of the body and the type of professional activity.

The Best Calcium Supplement for Women

Before I start recommending the exact products, I want to emphasize two things:

  1. Before taking a calcium supplement, you should analyze your diet. If you see the lack of certain trace elements, you should take the test and check the content of calcium in your organism.
  2. Before taking an exact calcium supplement, you should consult with a doctor.

I always purchase vitamins and trace elements on iHerb. That’s what I take into account when choosing best calcium supplement to take:

  1. Bioavailability. This is the amount of medicinal substance or vitamins that reaches its ultimate goal in the human body. This is the ability of the supplement to be absorbed. The higher the bioavailability of the supplement, the less is the loss of the substance during digestion. In other words, this is the supplement efficiency.
  2. The absence of any non-natural dyes, sweeteners – no chemistry in the composition of the supplement.
  3. The absence of GMOs. Such information is marked with the NON-GMO VERIFIED icon.
  4. The naturalness of the supplement – all components must be obtained from organic and environmentally friendly sources.

So, here is the best calcium supplement for osteoporosis and a couple of alternatives that my family and I consume periodically.

Sundown Naturals, liquid

This is not the most economical option but the safest for the stomach. There are 170 capsules with liquid calcium inside. One portion contains 1200 mg of calcium. The dosage: two capsules per day.

21st Century, Calcium Supplement 600

The most budgetary option among supplements containing calcium on iHerb. The jar contains 400 tablets, each containing 600 mg, which is 60% of the daily allowance. The dosage: one tablet twice a day. The entire jar costs $2.99.

Rainbow Light, Calcium Citrate in mini tablets

The jar contains 170 small tablets. This is very convenient for swallowing. Four tablets contain 80% of the daily allowance. The composition lacks magnesium, which is suitable for people who have magnesium in excess. The dosage: 2 tablets 2 times a day.

Solaray, Calcium Citrate, with Vitamin D-3

New on iHerb. There are 240 capsules in the jar, each contains 1000 mg of calcium and 400 vitamin D-3. The dosage: 4 capsules per day.

I decided not to write about the best calcium supplement for osteopenia only. As I have already mentioned, our children also need calcium for a norm growth. I do give the supplement to my children and here is my favorite:

Solgar, U-Cubes, Children’s Calcium With D3 Gummies

It will become an excellent choice but it will also hit your budget a little as one jar costs $15. It contains 120 chewable cubes, 250 mg of calcium in each cube, 300 ounces of vitamin D and 3 g of sugar. The presence of sugar is the only drawback. The supplement can be consumed by children from two years of age.

The dosage: children between 2 to 3 years should consume two tablets a day. Children older than 4 years – 4 tablets a day. Taking into account the number of cubes and dosage, your child will end the jar quickly. However, this supplement doesn’t contain GMO or chemical impurities and is maintained by health authorities.


Calcium isn’t a toxic substance and there are no established maximum doses that lead to death. However, the use of supplements in dosage exceeding 2500 mg per day, leads to disorders in the body. So, don’t overdo with taking care of your health and consult with a doctor beforehand!

I hope that I managed to answer “What is the best calcium supplement?” question and help you to choose the best form of calcium supplement! By the way, had you ever consumed calcium supplement and what is your favorite then?

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