How to Become a Certified Resume Writer

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Finally, I’ve got a minute to write to my dear friends! I am going to address a very harassing subject, which I’ve already mentioned before. We have already talked about the role of the beloved job in the life of the young Mom. I’ve got lots of responses to this article and some Moms grumbled about their desire to work despite the established order in their family. Relying on my experience, I can say for sure – the promising solution exists! What’s it?

The Right Solution

A couple of months ago I found myself thinking about getting involved in the freelance services. I don’t want to boast but my writing talents allow me to think about it. Unfortunately, this thought lost itself in the every day worries. But now, I decided to muse about it seriously as it could help dozens of young Moms to get a promising job staying at home!

One of the most obvious answers I could get to you if you asked me about the kind of the freelancer you could become – is a resume writer. Yes, there some convincing reasons for it:

  • Firstly, online resume writers are becoming more and more popular. I receive special offers from the resume writing service regularly. I wonder every time where did they get my email. A good resume writer is in great demand nowadays as it’s always better to pay money for a good resume than produce a basic paper on the own.
  • The other important issue for us – Moms – is salary. I used to consider a high resume writer salary to be a myth. Still, after I talked to the real freelancer resume writers, I understood that I was completely wrong. Just imagine – an average online company in the States offers resumes writing for $100 and more! It doesn’t mean that you will earn $100 and more per day. But the prices on the quality resume are high and they will be higher soon.
  • The freelance writer means that you can work at home. Yes, you have deadlines and you might have an office, which you will attend from time to time. But most of the time you spend with your children. Isn’t it tempting?

Yes, it is. Still there some conditions.

How to Become a Certified Resume Writer?

As you have already got, the main question of this promising story is ‘How to become a certified resume writer?’ The keyword here is certified. If you want to get all the aforementioned benefits, you have to become a master resume writer.

A trustworthy resume writing company will never offer a job to a person without any certificates. As well as a demanding client won’t entrust his resume writing to a suspicious layman.

Fortunately, I have heard about some working ways to become a certified resume writer. Haven’t you heard about the National Resume Writers’ Organization? It’s a nonprofit trade association for professional resume writers. Still, it doesn’t only gather the summary writers.

It has a program, which trains future writing specialists. A potential resume writer has to pass 10 continuing education units and two final tests to receive a certificate. The NRWO certificate is acceptable around the world but it has one substantial condition. The participant of the program has to provide a two-year resume writing experience.

Obviously, there are simpler ways to become a resume writer. It’s possible to apply for the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Master Resume Writer (MRW) – these are the most widely known and common certificates, which you can get online. The online courses are optional but they are the perfect decision for us – stay-at-home moms. Such courses don’t require experience – they, actually, initiate gaining the experience.

So, it’s the most convenient option for Moms – the future freelance resume writers.

By the way, I would recommend you to consider a LinkedIn resume writer vacancy. LinkedIn profile writing is as popular as resume writing. So, keep in mind that this variant is also a promising choice.

The Final Touches

Freelance writing is one of the most suitable jobs for us – homey Moms. It gives us a promising opportunity to earn money while bringing up children. The other side of the medal lies in the result. You have to make efforts, spend time, and show your desire to learn and succeed. Otherwise, you can forget about becoming a successful freelance.

Still, I am sure that the headpiece girlfriends of mine will overcome the difficulties on the way to their goal. I would like to get your feedback. Was it handy? See you soon!

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