Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Boy Baby Shower Ideas

A baby shower is a party organized in honor of a child to come to the world, as well as of his mommy.

The growing popularity of baby shower parties is not a surprise for us. After all, the coming of a new offspring is a great opportunity to celebrate. I am growing my lovely son who is a half-year-old, so I would like to introduce my ideas for organizing the baby shower for boys.

Baby Shower Topic

Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Before you start working on invitations and decorations, select a theme. The theme should reflect your personality and your preferences, and should also be devoted to the baby. For example, if you do not know the gender, the theme may be neutral or classic. If you know that there will be a girl, a fairy tale in pink colors with a castle-shaped cake is a perfect topic. If you will have a boy and want to make it not trivial blue, look at baby shower theme ideas for boys.


If you are sending invitations, think about the chosen topic and arrange them in the appropriate style.

Baby shower invitations ideas for boys will appear after you decide on the mentioned points. The number of guests depends on the place, time and your relationship with a particular person. If you are not sure whom to invite, ask your friends or family members for advice.

If you want to make it more creative, Pinterest is full of baby shower invitation ideas for boys.

Baby Shower Games

Search some baby shower games ideas for boys to enhance communication between the guests.

  • 1. Let everyone bring their children’s photos. Mix them and let them guess who is who. You can also include activities such as quizzes, egg races, candy in diapers and test guests for knowledge of the names of young animals.
  • 2. One more game is measuring the volume of the future mom‘s tummy. Each of the guests tears off a piece of tape, which he thinks is equal to the volume of the future mom’s tummy. Next, it is compared with the current tummy. The one that fits wins.
  • 3. Name a child is one of a baby shower for boys ideas. Each participant writes his or her proposal for the child’s name on a piece of paper. The cards are then cut so that names are divided into syllables and/or letters. You put them into a small bag, from which participants take one piece of paper. Their task is to combine syllables and letters to create the baby’s name.
  • 4. „Children of famous parents” is one of the most widespread baby shower ideas for boys. Search newspapers and cut pictures of children who have famous parents: singers, actors, etc. When the time for games comes, put photos on the table. The task of the participants is to guess who is the parent of every child.

These are the games my guests liked the most. Games and contests are the best baby shower ideas for boys on a budget. Include as many as you can to make fun during the baby shower party.

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Many such events are really a two-hour meeting with coffee, cookies, and games. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to organize a longer evening, then you should search for baby shower food ideas for boys.

The baby shower menu should be healthy – it is mostly a treat for the future mother, who should eat healthy food. Analyze individual taste preferences of the future mother, who is the main guest of the baby shower. Alcohol is strongly prohibited.

baby shower cake for boysOne of the main attractions for a baby shower is a cake. No matter whether you will order it or do it on your own, get inspiration from baby shower cakes for boys ideas. You can order it. However, if you want to get cheap baby shower ideas for boys, you can easily make it yourself. It will be a unique souvenir for a future mother.

One of the great baby shower cakes ideas for boys is a cake that reflects his gender. Before meeting a newborn boy, order a cake in the form of a car, a ship or a ball. Cakes made in the form of trains, airplanes, or tractors are also good baby shower cake ideas for boys.

If you are lucky to become parents of twins – be sure to order a dessert that emphasizes this amazing fact. This is one of multiple baby shower ideas for twins boys you can find on the web.

If you have already chosen the name to your son, one of a baby shower cake for boys ideas is writing it on a cake in an unusual way.


The baby shower should be sweet! Without proper decorations, it won’t go any further. Balloons, napkins, streamers, dedicated pendants, garlands, and fluttering rompers – these are just a few baby shower decorations ideas for boys.

The most common baby shower decoration ideas for boys are natural decorations that refer to small children: colorful balloons, pastel table covers, plates, cups, and napkins. There is an interesting homemade baby shower decoration idea for boys: you can draw cars, balls etc. and hang them all over the room. The motif of storks bringing children can be often met as well. In various places of the flat, you can also put milk bottles, pacifiers, rattles, etc.

Baby shower decor ideas for boys are limitless. You can find one on the internet, modify it slightly and you will create a new one. If you did, you are welcome to share it in our comments section below the article.

Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favor is the best token of thanks to your guests, baby shower favors ideas for boys are plenty. Some are personalized and punny, while others are classy and cute. A nice gift of gratitude can keep on giving when you keep your guests in mind.

When I organized my baby shower party, baby favor was a bookmark. With a signature blue satin tassel, an intricate metal bookmark can be both functional and fashionable baby shower favor idea for boys. Beautifully packaged for giving, this nice favor symbolizes a new chapter of life.

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Finding baby shower gift ideas for boys will not take long. The very name of this holiday demonstrates that everything connected to a new-born child will do. Getting baby shower gifts helps future parents reduce future costs after a baby’s birth.

A great idea is to create a list of gifts and take into account the preferences of future parents. It won’t be a surprise but it will be very useful.

Bottom Line

Have you already organized your baby shower? Are you only planning it? In both cases, you are welcome to share your baby shower ideas for boys in the comments below.

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