Airport Tips and Tricks from a Passionate Traveler

airport tips and tricks

Now, sitting in an airport, I realized that while traveling the world, flying with dozens of airline companies, I gained knowledge that can help young travelers save money and simply enjoy the vacation! I have already written about traveling with kids and traveling in NYC but now I want to tell you about some airport hacks.

You won’t get it from your traveling agency or a guide. You will get from me – an experienced and crafty traveler. So, let’s start our journey.

1. Consider Help of Global Entry

USA residents can apply to Global Entry. Residents of other countries such as Mexico, Canada, or European countries can search for similar pre-screening programs.

The process of becoming a Global Entry member is very simple. You fill in an application form and go through a short interview. After all, you don’t make exhausting paperwork, don’t have to stay in security lines, save time in an airport and face an easier procedure of crossing the country.

It costs $100 for 5 years. American Express Platinum card will pay a fee.

2. Thumb a Ride in the First Class

Can’t afford the first class? Turner Wright of Once A Traveler has a solution:

Some first class lounges allow you to bring in a guest for free, so as long as you’re not too smelly and relatively personable, just hang out at the entrance and ask someone if he or she wouldn’t mind signing you in.

3. Don’t Pay for Extra Luggage

If you are crazy enough, keep on reading! Benny Lewis – a National Geographic’s Traveler of the Year in 2013 – takes everything he wants and doesn’t pay for extra luggage! He simply wears his baggage with the help of Jaktogo.

To my mind, it’s not the most fashionable decision. With a respect for its designers, I must confess that I wouldn’t wear it. But if you have no money for extra baggage, it can be a suitable decision.

4. Choose Red-Eye Flights

Red-eye flights are also known as overnight flight after 10 p.m. People, who hate to hassle, choose these flights for an increased comfort.

Matt Stabile, a founder of and, says:

This way you’ll avoid rush hour traffic on the way to the airport, lines at check-in are going to be minimal, security will take a fraction of what it takes earlier in the day, and once you settle in for the flight, you can simply go to sleep and wake up at your destination.

5. Business Class Can Be More Beneficial!

Yes, I’m not kidding. Sometimes business class flights can be more beneficial. Speaking of the miles, business class flights will bring you more miles. London/Sydney/London flight in economy class will bring you 1.33 cent per point and the same flight in business class – 4.52 cents per point.

Such resources as iFlyFlat will help you to check out what flight will bring you the most points.

6. Be Prepared for a Security Check

My favorite moment in an airport is when a plan blasts off and of course Duty Free stores. The least cuddly moment is a security check! We all know what happens there but everyone can be prepared for it. Slip-on shoes and trousers that don’t need a belt are a good decision.

7. Don’t Lose Your Baggage

Once, we got into a ridiculous situation that cost my husband a couple of expensive dresses. Airport operator registered our baggage not to the final destination but to the transplant place. Obviously, we didn’t find our suitcases on baggage delivery.

Therefore, specify this issue on registration.

8. Low-Cost Trap!

I rarely choose low-cost plans. Usually, a ticket for $25 is a trap where you will have to pay for dozens of additional things.

So, don’t be enchanted and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

9. Save Time

I don’t remember when I stood in queues in registration. You can do it online and don’t worry that you will get bad places or be late.

By the way, before starting our family vacation, I’ve found a cool infographic that presents more useful airport hacks:

airport tips infographic

Your vacation will be more enjoyable if you consider these effective airport tips. As an experienced traveler, I know that comfort starts at an airport. So, don’t hesitate my recommendations and have a good summer vacation with plenty of impressions and photos for Instagram!:)

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