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My name is Irene and here I would tell you a little about myself.

I am a happy wife and a mother of 7-year old son Bogdan and 1-year old daughter Solomia. Bogdan was a long-awaited kid who made a decision to draw his first breath a little earlier, during my 31st pregnancy week. Thank God, we successfully managed to overcome the nursing stage of our infant. Now Bogdan is a tall and as always a very slender boy with incredible amounts of energy and joy. Solomia, however, was a gift from heaven in our family, since I wasn’t allowed to give birth to anyone else then. But even though doctors had flatly forbidden me to have this baby, the Lord had other plans for our family and we are grateful for that!

My major is financing, and being a mom is my calling. I’m also trying to write things about my fun-filled motherhood. After all, being a mother is such a blessing. During the maternity leave, it’s necessary to grow and develop yourself together with your children. Therefore, as I’ve been living with my children, I started to learn and practically use coaching and time management techniques that are now helpful both for me and the kids. I’ve also completed the “Parent as a Tutor” course since I was planning to do homeschooling with my son, but Bogdan is now attending his dream school and seems to do it with lots of pleasure. Well, we’ll see what’s going to be next. For now, all of the knowledge I’ve got from the course helps me a lot in life.

How to actually combine the mode of life, children, husband, own interests, and hobbies altogether to make everything easier and at the same time more interesting and fun? The thing is – I don’t know for sure. Yet, I am learning a lot and sharing all of my successes both on my blog and in social networks.

We love traveling and most of our trips we’ve done with a kid (from now on with 2 kids) except two romantic trips to Australia and Paris.

My life is full of love, creativity, shine, joy for every single day, happy moments with family and friends and eagerness to learn something new and share with my readers some of my victories and successes. I am living my life inspiring people and being inspired by somebody else.

Happy to get to know you all closer!

Let’s make this world more beautiful and happier, starting out with changing yourself, your family and your home!

With love, Iren


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