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about my blogI write about healthy lifestyle, family, and self-development and about me but recently, I’ve realized that I’d never told you the story of my life, some things that changed my world and me. And I said to myself “I will tell them everything” For what? A good question. In the toughest periods of my life, there were things and people, who motivated me. I think that the story of my life could be an example for those, who despair and lost the way. So, I take a cup of tea and start my revelation.

My Personal Jolts

I know the price of the life. I felt the fear for myself and my family. I know the feeling when you aren’t sure if tomorrow will come for you. These are the most terrifying emotions.

On the thirty-first week, my doctor entered the hospital room and said without any explanations “C’mon, you are going to the maternity home”.

I was 25 when the doctor said that sarcoma is the result of histology ( a tumor that was cut out). In two weeks, the doctors said that a relapse happened and I went to the capital having no idea what to expect. I overcame another surgery, radiation.

I was 27 when my husband was taken to the hospital. Thrombosis. His leg was three times bigger, turned blue, then black… A month spent in the hospital, long rehabilitation at home, and regular prevention treatment.

And you know… I’d never thought “Why?” Instead of that, I tried to figure out “For what?” And that was my saving.

This is a short story of life difficulties that not only came through us but changed us.

I know the price of life. I thank God for every day I lived. I truly enjoy my life. I love it. I value every moment spent with my family and teach my kids to be grateful.

Life is beautiful! We have to open our eyes to see the beauty and open our hearts to feel it. There are so many opportunities for everyone.

Love Will Show You the Way

Now, the key concept of my life is “love”. I’m engaged only in activities that I love. I only create things that I love. I live with love and there are no compromises. I learned to live this way. Together with my family, I overcame difficulties, terrifying diagnoses, disappointments. They changed our consciousness.

Now we value every minute of our life. We learn to do things that we would never do before – dancing, making handmade things, designing, drawing, making crafts. We travel and experience NEW things and emotions.

I know that reincarnation of the family and the society, in general, is possible and it starts with a woman. I want to inspire a woman, who lost the enthusiasm to live happily and have great relationships with a husband. I know I can help you.

About My Blog

Yes, I know I can help you and this is the goal of my blog. I cover different life issues – some of them might be painful but we can’t ignore them.

I have Facebook and Instagram accounts where I share my thought, discoveries, and communicate with subscribers. I’m looking forward to getting a message from you, my beautiful friends!

A little bit of advertisement… Excuse me but I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Why Do I Like Cartoons?blogger

Have you ever watched the cartoon “Up”? This Oscar-bearer teaches us to live NOW.

An old man loses his wife. They used to dream to visit “paradisiacal waterfall” but the fame changed their plans… A man starts his incredible journey to see their dream with his own eyes.

This touching story shows us a value of a moment. If you want to do something, do it now. Do it as soon as you have at least one free hour. No one knows if there is a place for us in tomorrow. Carpe diem!

Oh, well! Where was I… I like cartoons? Do we tend to underestimate their message? Learn to look deeper inside and you will find the answers!

P.S. I told you the story of my life difficulties and would like to get a feedback from you. What things changed your outlook and priorities? What difficulties did you face and how did you manage to overcome them?

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