Back to Origins: 9 Reasons to Wear Skirts

weaing skirts

Dear ladies, when was the last time you wore a skirt or a dress? I hope that most of you regularly wear one of the most attractive and womanish items of clothing. Yes, my today’s article is dedicated to the skirt!

Marlene Dietrich and Coco Channel are icons and role models for nowadays women, men, and designers. But these legendary women have also started the transformation from femininity to masculinity – they all looked gorgeous in pantsuits and trousers.

Our female ancestors were brilliantly wise as they all wore skirts. We have to learn from their traditions, one of which lies in allegiance to skirts!

So, as a huge fan of skirts, dresses, and summer sundresses, I present you universal reasons to forget about your jeans!

1. It’s Convenient.

In 30, I realized that convenience is much more important than beauty. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my outfit. I do. Still, I replaced high heels with elegant ballet flats, bright makeup with natural one, and tight jeans with skirts.

It’s convenient. But I don’t speak of the convenience only. It’s healthier. Tight jeans disrupt blood circulation in the pelvic organs. I hope it isn’t necessary to explain the fatal outcome of such levity.

2. It’s Attractive. No, it’s beautiful.

choosing skirts

Women under 30 still tend to care a lot about the beauty of their outfits. A woman in the dress… What can be more elegant and beautiful?

You can find lots of awesome models in the latest issues of women online magazines.

Furthermore, a long skirt can hide some figure flaws if there are any. But jogging and healthy eating is still a good idea.

 3.It’s Graceful.

Just imagine a young elegant woman in a long skirt that rushes headlong down a crowded street tangling in its hem. Ridiculous, isn’t it? The skirt is a grace – it makes a women calm, gorgeous, flowing…

4. It’s Womanish.

Ladies, don’t you feel yourself differently when you wear a skirt? Jeans loosen us – we become looser, rebellious, and bold. But right when we wear a skirt we get slight coquetry and deep femininity in our head, movements, and glance.

5. It Improves Woman’s Health.

Research showed an impressing statistic. Women, who wear long skirts, have no problems with woman’s health. No wonder as wearing skirts can normalize hormonal balance!

6. It Makes our Men Feel better.

More men will choose a woman in a skirt than a woman in jeans. That was proven and I agree with that (hope you agree with it too).

But speaking of the men’s feelings, an elegant woman in a skirt will make her man feel even more manhood than dumbbells in his hands!

If there are any men reading this post, leave a comment about your attitude to women in jeans and skirts. Whom would choose? Why?

7. Bonds with Previous Generations. Energy.

weaing skirts

People in the past received energy from nature. While men received it from air our water, women needed an energy of the land. Skirts are the only item of the clothing that allows us, women, to receive enough energy to perform our women’s functions.

As for me, energy is a crucial term that maintains power and enthusiasm. I encourage you, my beautiful ladies, to consider this issue thoroughly.

8. Relaxation.

What can be more comfortable than a loose skirt? Nothing! Relaxation is a harmonious condition of the woman. It’s a normal condition that contributes her beauty – internal and external.

You give up on all non- woman duties. It’s not about being a woman. And you become a beautiful lady.

9. Self-love.

If you choose a skirt, you choose a love for yourself. A long skirt obliges you to be a woman – to be gorgeous, elegant, calm, and confident. You might not recognize yourself but you can change it! Just visit the nearest shop and purchase a beautiful skirt.

Ladies, summer is the perfect time of the year for long light skirts and sundresses. Are you ready to become a woman that catches admiring glances of people? I know you are ready!

Share with me your photos in skirts on Instagram (@irene.kot). Let’s launch a skirts week! Are you in?

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Victoria danelczyk
Victoria danelczyk
December 5, 2017 5:19 pm

I love your blog I share this article with the woman circle that I have Telling the reasons why they should wear skirts and connect with their femininity. Thanks