7 Tips For Working Mamas to Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

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Hello, dear mamas and everyone else who came across my blog and got interested in what I am writing here! Today I’d like to continue my topic on employment for mothers who have just got back to work after their maternity leave or still are in process of job searching, as for many families it is the only way to plan dream home mortgage. Either way, I am going to emphasize on LinkedIn as one of the crucial factors to help you get employed and keep your online presence on a professional level.

LinkedIn is a very powerful job search tool you can’t just ignore. Now, if you’re a mother of one or several little kids, you should have probably left your job for a maternity leave.

While raising your children for several years you might get shocked how the world of recruiting have changed. You have to forget things that worked out earlier and change the game in order to re-enter the workforce successfully. And LinkedIn is one of your “must-haves”.

If you have no idea what LinkedIn is, then so far you have missed out a lot. But let’s start from the beginning: LinkedIn is a huge social media platform designed specifically for the business community in order to establish professional networking community.

Indeed, LinkedIn became one of the must-have tools for job hunters particularly because 95% of recruiters track their potential candidates through social media profiles and in this case, LinkedIn would be the first place for them to visit. Frankly speaking, this is a super tool for both candidates and businesses who may even search for their potential employees directly through LinkedIn.

Nowadays, people can even hire LinkedIn profile writer to get their job done and several best resume writing companies have already included this service in their list.

So, my dear mamas, grab a cup of coffee, a notebook, a pen, get yourself comfortable and read 7 of my recommendations how to get your LinkedIn workable and effective for your job search and future career.

Note down: I am not a career specialist, but I have read a lot about the topic from one professional LinkedIn profile writer to update my own. Hope, these tips would be helpful for you as well!

1. Create a Profile – DUH!

So, you should start small and create a profile! You will be asked to fill in the sections with the information regarding your job title, past employment, education, skills and achievements.

Before you can do that, just browse through other profiles using the website’s search tool by specific titles. You would see some profiles possibly written by a LinkedIn profile writer, so you should take them as a model for your own page.

2. Include Keywords in Your Text.

This is how your recruiters are going to find you – simply through keywords! Try to think of all the words that a recruiter may be using if he wants to find people of your desirable job position.

Remember to be specific – recruiters aren’t going to look for “a person with excellent accounting or communication skills”. Instead, he would look specifically for an Accounting Manager or a Business Consultant. You may even include the keywords section in your profile’s summary. It seems like most people do this way.

3. Work on Your Professional Headline/Summary.

Of course, you’re not a resume and LinkedIn profile writer, but writing a good headline and summary is a matter of necessity. I have read that placing your current job title or something like “happy mother with 2 kids” there is totally a bad idea unless we’re talking about Instagram headlines.

The best way to do it is using keywords and skills in your headline that characterize you as an employee. Get some hints from top profiles in your niche.

4. Go to Your Privacy Settings and Figure out How It All Works.

Hopefully, settings on LinkedIn are easily understandable. You can set yourself how much of your information you want to reveal to your public. According to this executive LinkedIn profile writer, I have peeped some of the hints, every user decides for himself how many things he is ready to show. Sometimes, your experience, headline, summary, and a picture would be enough but again, it’s up to you.

5. Decide If You’re LinkedIn Open Networker or Not.

So basically, this means whether you want to be connected to everyone who requests to connect to you or you don’t. This could seriously be random people you don’t know at all. From the one side, the more connections – the more visibility to your potential recruiters. From the other hand, if you have someone in your connection that means you would most likely need to recommend this person as a good employee. Again, there’s not right answer – think for yourself.

6. Join Groups.

Another recommendation from a certified LinkedIn profile writer: join groups and be active in groups. Of course, they should be linked to your professional interests. This is a great tool to get noticed by recruiters who tend to browse through those once in a while.

7. What to Do With a Maternity Leave?

This is something that bothers all mothers. How to explain my gap years on LinkedIn? My executive LinkedIn profile writer advises not to mention your maternity leave at all. Why? Because it’s not really someone’s business what you have been doing for the past several years if you still have all the necessary qualifications to do your job.

Besides, if you spent some of your maternity leave doing volunteering or some other small projects in your community, this could make you gap years transition smoother. Although, you’d rather have it written on your resume than on LinkedIn.

Final Words

Re-entering workforce when everything has changed is scary, but there are still great things about this change. For instance, LinkedIn is ONE tool for dozens of operations we used to do separately: networking, looking through job postings in newspapers, finding contacts of necessary companies etc. Besides, with the existence of LinkedIn profile writer service, we can trust our profile to professionals and not worry about it at all.

Thanks for reading and see you soon, my dear mamas!

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