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For me, spring is a sign of changes. By the word “change” I mean literally everything, from tiny little thing to some really huge matters that can change our whole living.

For instance, just a few days ago I made a decision to alter my budgeting habits. In certain aspects, money matters a lot. It doesn’t mean you must be striving for wealth all of your life, nor should it become the sense of our existence. The whole point is knowing how to manage finances within our compass.

Many of us turn to Internet resources to learn some good advice. And what’s the best place to find the right answers to your questions about money management and handling financial hardships and refinancing student loans?

Of course, here I’ve created the list of top credit to financial blogs. I mean, good and handy financial blogs that earned trust from their readers.

If you want to know which blogs have earned MY trust, then you are welcome, because it’s right below! I should warn, however, that this is my subjective opinion, plus there might be much more worthy and useful online blogs I physically didn’t have a chance to explore.

So, if want to contribute to my list, I’ll appreciate a lot if you comment below.

 1. TheSimpleDollar.com

list of financial blogs

The Simple Dollar blog is one of the most respected personal finance websites you can ever find on the Internet and you can prove it for yourself if you check out rankings from recent years.

The Simple Dollar blog articles cover up topics about debts, bad spending habits, financial security, saving money, managing budget etc.

By the way, their simple logo deserves to be mentioned in my latest post about best logo examples.

 2. GetRichSlowly.org

blog about getting rich

The title sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? The blog is very inspiring and indeed empowering. I’d say, this is a mix of practical hacks and advice from experienced financial experts and philosophical ideas.

The blog’s creators even came up with 12 key beliefs that form the core of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy. I strongly recommend everyone to go over those 12 lessons and maybe rethink your own beliefs. No kidding, they are so inspirational!

 3. PersonalMoneyService.com Financial Blog

credit blog

You have probably never come across this website, nor have you heard about it or seen in the “20 best financial blogs” sort of lists.

But I’ve been reading all of the PMS articles and I must admit – the blog is definitely on point. There are so many true-life financial topics so I am sure any person will find out something useful out of them. By the way, here I first learned about small business loans for women. The information is written in a very understandable manner, which is always a perk for me.

 4. MoneyUnder30.com

financial blof for under 30

Money Under 30 is a perfect online adviser for young people or couples who have their first experience purchasing a house, getting a car loan, building their credit history etc.

Here you’ll also find a lot of information on credit cards and how they work, as well how to manage your debts. Generally, there is an explanation to everything you need to know about as for a financial part of adult living.

5. GetOutOfDebt.org

blog to get out of debt

The topic of debts is eternal and it’s important to receive some really good piece of advice from a knowledgeable person. This is exactly who the author of Get Out Of Debt financial blog Steve Rhode is.

Not only did he crawl out of bankruptcy but also founded a whole organization to help people with their money issues. Each of his articles gives you relevant and on-point advice how to handle different financial situations, whether this is dealing with a super high college debt or saving for retirement when you are short on money.

6. CoupleMoney.com

money blog

If you and your spouse have difficulties handling your mutual budget, then I will recommend you both to subscribe to the following blog.

It’s a perfect guideline for any married couple to help them live in frames of their family budget and manage their financial matters together. Years ago I found some good tips out there, learned how to manage our common budget the right way, save money on food and yet I didn’t lose any interest in the blog at all.

7. EarlyRetirementExtreme.com

blogs about finance

For those, who want to know about early retirement, learn all the pros and cons of retiring at a very young age from someone’s personal experience, then welcome to Early Retirement Extreme financial blog.

The author Jacob Lund Fisker quit the job when he was 33 years old and right now he shares practical tips based on his own practice about frugal living on his retirement savings. What I like about his blog is the easy-going manner of his writing as if you have just met this guy for a cup of coffee.

How did you like my list? I mean, I have tried to mention financial blogs both for young adults and people from generation X so that everyone finds his own suitable blog option. I don’t think I have the most favorite one from these 7 blogs because each of them focuses on different topics and the audience, therefore can’t be compared, right?

Meanwhile, here is a final piece of advice from me. Keep your mind clear and your wallet full!

Best Regards,

Irene Kot

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