6 Best IT Job Search Sites to Start Off

IT Job Search Sites

IT industry is a giant sector in the job market today. If you are intended to work in this industry any time soon, you are lucky because it’s a promising career with real perspectives and a good salary. I know it all from my husband’s experience who has been working in this industry since 2008.

Finding a good vacancy is the first important job search stage. I am sure, our first association with a job search is when we scroll down job postings on one of the job search sites.

According to 2015 Rew Research Center Report, almost 80 percent of Americans for the past 2 years used online resources as a prime way to look for their job.

So, the other more traditional job search options like networking through personal connections, hiring agencies, paper ads, and career fairs are no longer in a widespread consumption. Though, it’s time to choose the best resume writing service that will help you prepare the online format document to submit anywhere or print if necessary.

Definitely, it’s more convenient for all to run this process online, so finding a job search site specialized more in tech or an IT sector makes a lot of sense. Together with my husband, I came up with a list of best websites targeted specifically for an IT or tech sector.

1. Dice

it job search websites

This is the classics. You can’t start your online job search without Dice. The website sorts job postings by the company, job title, keyword, type of employment and a location. For registered users, there is an option to upload their resume, as well as viewing salary information and tracking jobs. Dice also posts latest tech news and articles with helpful career advice.

The website has lots of job vacancies from real “giants” of the IT sector, like Google, Dell, IBM, HP, and others. So, if you want to try your luck and apply to one of the world’s top companies like Google, opt for Dice.

2. JobPile it jobs at jobpile

Compared with Dice, JobPile combines listings from various job boards in one places. You don’t even have to visit each of the companies’ career page separately because all the information is compiled on the site.

There are 8 job boards for regular positions and 3 freelance boards, so if you are considering a freelancing job as one of your options, JobPile can help you a lot.

3. Petri

Don’t visit this job site unless you are a future server administrator or engineer and you have a certain IT certification. This is indeed a very focused IT job search board but if you fall under both of these criteria, you’re welcome to explore such a progressive but still developing website.

Petri main advantage is quality IT-focused job listings for real certified professionals. However, if you don’t look for jobs in big cities, you may be out of luck because there are barely any offerings in small cities and towns.

4. Authentic Jobs

This is another hub for finding jobs from top companies like Apple, Skype, Facebook and more. Applying to such companies you need great social media promotion ideas to create a personal brand. Authentic Jobs focuses much on creative job offers in design, engineering, programming, development, and management. It has job boards for freelancers and those willing to find an IT contract job.

5. SimplyHired

it jobs at simplyhired

This is not particularly an IT related job site, however, the archive for IT-related postings is simply huge – more than a million offerings just in one place. Just type in the search bar “technology” and it will aggregate listings from job listings all across the Web. You can search for options based on your experience and education.

Even though SimplyHired has tons of offered jobs in the tech sector, you’ll feel difficulties with sorting ones. The site doesn’t filter jobs appropriately, so the results may not match the original request.

6. Indeed

it jobs at indeed

Indeed is close to SimplyHired, but there is one feature you may consider very useful at Indeed. As you review different job postings, you should have noticed already that most of them have no information about a salary because it’s in most cases negotiated individually. Indeed is one of the few websites to estimate an approximate amount of salary based on a job title, location and typical pay rates for such position.

By the way, adding the link to your personal blog that demonstrates your professional and personal skills is a great idea. You can read my article about creating an effective blog post.

Whether you choose one or a view through several of those job search sites, any way you’ll come up with multiple attractive job offerings. I would, however, advise you to go through all of them to make sure you haven’t missed on any good opportunity.

So, have you already decided which website is your most favorite? You’re welcome to share one in the comments below.

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