5 Tips to Treat Dog Anxiety Symptoms

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Are you coming home from a tiring day at work and find your fluffy friend jumping and spinning around like crazy? Do your neighbors often tell you about the constant barking and howling that drives them crazy while you are not at home? Does this sound familiar to you? If your answer is “yes”, welcome to our exciting group of dog owners.

You always need to clean up your home, because your dog destroys the furniture, breaks a vase or chews on your favorite shoes. Do you think it is just its misbehaving? The reality may be that it just has dog anxiety symptoms. I’ve been in your shoes and I know how hard it can be not to get angry right away but to try and understand what this behavior means. Today I’m going to share with you my top tips on how to help a dog with separation anxiety and make your life less stressful.

What Dog Separation Anxiety Means

Dog anxiety medication is often needed for pets who have destructive and frantic behaviors connected with separation from their owners. Actually, lots of dogs feel very connected with their pet parents and suffer when they have left home alone. The above-mentioned symptoms such as barking or howling, chewing on the shoes or destroying the furniture can signalize that your fluffy friend may need dog anxiety medication over the counter.

Common Causes of Dog Anxiety

Dog needs a lot of care

The widespread causes of dog separation anxiety are changes in surroundings or moving to a new house, lack of training, long vacations of pet owners, genetics or neglect. For instance, our family enjoys traveling a lot and so long vacation was the obvious reason why we started using essential oils for dog anxiety. This is one of the easiest ways to help your pet calm down and overcome the stress of feeling lonely.

Of course, your dog may just feel extremely bored or has genetic behavior that’s harder to change. However, if you start paying more attention to your fluffy pet and spend quality time with it, you will certainly notice the difference. Dogs behave like children and they also need lots of care, attention, and love.

How to Help a Dog with Anxiety

Being a pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s physical and mental health. Here are the top 5 tips and strategies to lessen dog anxiety symptoms.

#1 Take Your Dog for a Walk

dog walk

Start with taking your fluffy friend out for a long walk before you need to leave home. This is great as all the dogs need exercise. Running will be a useful activity both for you and your dog. Long walks will help the dog wind down and leave their energy outside. This way, you will be able to leave your pet in resting and quiet mode while you go to work. Also, you may want to use a special dog backpack with some weight to help it lose more energy and calm down.

#2 Change Leaving Signals

Another great tip that worked magic for me was to change my habits of leaving home. Try to put on your coat 10-15 minutes prior to actually going outside or use the back door. You may also leave your shoes or house keys in a different location. This simple strategy is aimed at relieving their anxiety and breaking their association with these actions. Distract the dog with a toy or a treat before you leave so they feel positive emotions and your care.

#3 Don’t Get Too Emotional

emotional dog

Your dog is already extremely emotional when you come back home. It starts spinning around trying to grab your attention. If you get too emotional as well the pet can feel overexcited. Your aim is to stay calm when you leave or come back and give some time until the dog calms down a bit. Then you can show your emotions and care.

#4 Train Your Dog to Be Alone

This tip is really interesting as it helps to train your pet to stay home alone without feeling anxious. Leave your dog alone in a room for a few minutes and increase this time over a few weeks so that the dog starts to feel comfortable and know that you are near. You can just go to another room and tell your fluffy friend that it’s okay and you are not leaving him for a long time.

#5 Try an Audiobook or Music

Recent studies prove that special audiobooks have a soothing effect on dogs as they help the pets to overcome fear and separation anxiety. Human sounds will distract your pet and make him believe that he is not home alone. Leaving some comfort items such as collars, chokers or chains can also distract your pet. An additional step is to put background music for relaxation and hide some treats around the house so that your pet can hunt for them while you are gone.

All in all, pay attention to your pet’s behavior as curing dog separation anxiety quickly is possible and your pet will definitely feel more calm and happy. Some people purchase dog anxiety vest or are searching for cbd dog treats for anxiety.

However, you aren’t required to see a medical specialist in order to treat dog separation anxiety. Try not to waste any more time on unnecessary things and spend more time with your dog. It worths it! If you follow these tips and ideas, your pet will feel happy and calm again.

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