Teach Your Children With 12 Powerful Proverbs

Every God’s Word is an essence of wisdom. It is possible to learn how to be wise which is extremely important in growing children. But listening to wise advice is not enough. Parents need to pay a lot of attention to spiritual growth and development of their children to direct their actions and thoughts. Below are some of the most essential thoughts about God’s wisdom parents can use to discuss with their children in order to make a change in their hearts and lives.


proverbs 1:7

Parents are those people who can teach a child what a fear of God is the best possible way. It’s so important to understand that fearing of God results in obtaining true wisdom, that is, knowledge of what is reasonable. It is also based more on respect of God and fear of losing His love than feeling scared.

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proverbs 15:1

Every single word we say has the power to build up or tear down. We know this but when a real-life situation is taking place, we suddenly forget all the wise quotes. It is easy to say painful words in anger, so a child has to be taught to use words for good in any mood, circumstances, and situations.


proverbs 18:24

Even if a child has plenty of friends on Facebook, it does not necessarily mean that he is not starving for true friendship. They say a friend is never known till needed. A reliable friend is indeed very rare. Life gives every person a lot of opportunities to find friends, the Book of Proverbs helps to distinguish a good Christian from a false friend.


proverbs 25:28

Every person has the power to take control over his spirit. A child needs to be taught how to behave when feeling frustrated, disappointed or discouraged. Try to explain to your child in simple words how to practice self-control. Also, the model of the parents’ behavior plays no less important role in their child’s development.


proverbs 12:1

Being smart is a direct result of developing good character traits, strong moral principles, and high discipline. This verse tells that if a person is willing to be a humble learner and listen to wise advice, she will gain knowledge fast.

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proverbs 16:18

Why is pride called the root of all sin? Because it causes the rest of the sins like greed, lust, envy and so on. If someone is proud of himself, one day he will experience ruin and disappointment. Every parent has to talk with his child about how to raise from sin even after falling into it many times.


proverbs 18:10

This quote is put in the middle of the book of Proverbs perhaps not by mistake. It can serve a reminder of how powerful God is in any kind of situations. When a severe storm comes, we need to find a sure shelter. For Christians, this shelter is “Jesus” Who is ready to support them when they are experiencing a lack of faith or trust.


proverbs 4:23

Heart of every person, especially, a child is extremely valuable. Everybody needs to guard his heart as this is a source of every word said. Words can either bless others or cause damage. Teach your children to watch over their hearts to value them and the hearts of others.


proverbs 31:9

Every word we say matters, it affects others in a positive or negative way. Moreover, words can help to achieve justice, defend the rights of the week and those who suffer. Children need to understand the difference between good and evil. Except this, they need to be courageous to protect those in need of help.


proverbs 13:11

It is important to educate a child not only about how to save money, spend wisely but how to make it with no harm to other people. There is a lot of finance related information out there. However, the book of Proverbs is probably a no less valuable source of knowledge than an encyclopedia of finance. It provides advice on how to earn money and even obtain wealth by doing honest work.


proverbs 22:1

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of money. However, children may be confused when they see some people becoming powerful and influential illegally. The book of Proverbs explains that a good reputation cannot be underestimated. Parents should talk with children about the essence of being wealthy. The point is to feel happy with what you do and this activity should not be harmful to any of human beings or living creatures.


proverbs 4:7

The main theme of the book of Proverbs is seeking godly wisdom. This is a never-ending process as life is full of surprises that require constant learning.


The book of Proverbs is a great source of wisdom. It helps to teach children how to pursue and achieve this virtue, behave in difficult situations and live from the heart.

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