10 Lists You Should Write to Save Time

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Time is a priceless resource and I keep finding out ways to organize it make my life 100% effective. Recently, I’ve discovered a simple turn that can organize my day and facilitate such processes as travel, shopping, cooking, and many other processes. I’m speaking about lists.

Lists are powerful things that make packing for vacation easy and fast, cooking for dinner exciting, and shopping stops being a chaotic rush around the mall. So, familiarize with top 10 lists you should start writing and share with me your experience in comments: are they useful, how did your life change after writing these lists?

1. List of Things for Vacation

We often travel around the world and every time I used to write new lists of basic things: clothes, cosmetics, medicine… Now I have different lists for different occasions. I created lists for “All Inclusive” travels, for simple vacations, for weekends at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, etc.

Along with basic lists, you can create additional lists for special occasions such as:

  1. For a vacation by the sea with children.
  2. For a sleepover fishing.
  3. For a picnic.
  4. Seasonal lists (for winter and summer, for instance).

2. Menumenu and food lists

Of course, every woman can get into a situation when she doesn’t know what to cook for dinner or for a birthday party. I’m not an exception. Still, such cases are rippling: today I have plenty of ideas and tomorrow I surf the net to find the simplest recipe for dinner.

When I created a couple of lists, inspiration doesn’t leave me – I always have a brilliant idea for a dinner.

So, create a couple of lists for different occasions:

  1. Healthy and easy breakfast meals.
  2. First courses.
  3. Second courses.
  4. Easy to cook salads.
  5. Salads for holidays.
  6. Appetizers
  7. Desserts

It will help you to plan a party food easily:)

3. Lists of Products

Obviously, we all have some products we regularly buy: bread, butter, vegetables, etc. As well as we have already created two lists, we create a list of products:

  1. Big list – the list that you create when you go to the big wholesaler supermarket. Divide your list into several sections: pastries, dairy and meat products, candies, seafood, cereals, sauces, etc.
  2. Market list – products you buy on the market.
  3. Regular list – list for a little store that you visit daily. Write products depending on their sequence in the store: what department is the first one, which one follows it, and which one ends your shopping marathon.

4. Hardware List

Do an inventory and write down all products that you use during home cleanup.

  1. For dishwashing: write down everything that you use and that you periodically need to replenish. For example, I always forgot to buy salt for a dishwasher.
  2. For washing: powders, softeners, stain removers…
  3. For washing floors, sinks, toilets, baths…
  4. Sponges, rags, replaceable nozzles for a mop…
  5. Polishes, light bulbs, shoe care products, etc.

5. List of Birthdays list of birthdays

I understand that today’s digital era refuses paper calendars and reminders: social networks remind us about all birthdays. Still, I prefer to trust my own “legacy”. For instance, my friend has a paper with all birthdays that hangs above her desk. This way, she doesn’t forget about any holidays and can prepare gifts beforehand.

You don’t need to look for this information on Facebook or in your old notebooks – you have everything in one place. Easy and quick.

6. List of Books to Read

Every time before vacations, I surf the net, ask around my friends what books to read in the airport, in the hotel, on the beach… Sometimes, in a rush, I have no time indeed to find a book I want to read. Therefore, when I had spare time, I’ve created a list of books for future reading.

You can even divide your list into several sections: psychological literature, fiction or non-fiction literature, fantasy, etc.

You can also write down books you have – this way you won’t forget what books you borrowed.

7. Useful Phones

Over years, different phones of attending physician, tailor, class teacher, delivery service, etc. have piled up. Therefore, I gathered them all in one place – in a tiny notebook that I always have along with me.

You don’t need numbers that you dial rarely but those that you use regularly should be in your notebook.

8. Home First Aid Kit

Do an inventory of your home first aid kit, get rid of medicines that are out of their expiration date, make a list of drugs that must be always in the kit, buy them and leave a list near your medical kit. Therefore, when you urgently need a painkiller, you will see right away whether you have it.

I have a list with a medical kit that I need for vacations.

9. Inspiring Listwish list to print

Sometimes we all need inspiration. Many things can inspire us but let’s start with inspiring quotations, phrases, and statements. When you feel that you need a magic “push”, you will only need to open your magic. Read. Get inspired.

10. List of Wishes

List of wishes is the first list you should start with. It’s an axiom that wishes that we say, wishes that we write down and repeat have a real power. I encourage you to write down at least 20 wishes: huge and tiny. Make the first step and you will see how your dreams come true.

Make the difference!

Do you use lists? What lists do you write?

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