Professional Dissertation Writing: Finding Reasonable Solution Together

professional dissertation writing

The hype around St. Valentine’s Day subsides and sweet couples start gradually coming back to their routine. A great part of students now is working on their dissertations, isn’t it? A friend of mine has just complained about her son always sitting over textbooks, tutorials, and getting his dissertation done. “What a lucky Mom” you will think BUT I always emphasize on the fact that there HAS to be something besides studying.

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Time to Apply for Loans for Women in Business!

business loan for women

USA women owe 9.4 million of firms, supply 7.9 million jobs, and produce $1.5 trillion in sales. Just ponder about this information! It’s a powerful purpose to launch your own business, isn’t it? Thousands of American women managed to do it and you will!

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How To Make Good-Looking Infographic And Spend Less Than a Whole Day On It?

making infpgraphic

Happy February! How were your first days of this month? I had some great time with kids this weekend. We have spent two days out of the city and closer to nature. Even though it was cold, it was a real bless to enjoy the beauty of winter in the woods. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to spring since it’s my most favorite season out of all.

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My Top 11 Portable Solar Panels You Had No Idea Existed

portable rv solar panels

Hello, my precious!

Recent days were super exciting and joyful. But how can you not be happy when your precious son turns eight years old? I cannot describe how proud I am to have such a wonderful son and therefore his birthday is a real big deal for the whole family. To make story short, he was very excited by our surprise with a science show that we organized right at his school! Quite an unusual gift, don’t you think?

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How to Finance Your Small Business as a Working Mother? 

finance small business

Everyone says we are now living through a very hard time when mothers can’t afford to stay at home and raise their children without having a stable source of income.

And I am not talking only about single mothers. Anyway, all of my working readers should know what it’s like to count every penny when living on a budget.

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Solar Panels for Your Home? Choose with Irene Kot!

choosing solar panels

Hello, my dear Mammies! Sorry for a gap in my blog. Last days were truly stressful for me. You know, I’m not the type of the person, who complains, especially in her blog BUT.

But a couple of days ago, right when I decided to write a blog about a healthy diet for postpartum women, our solar panels broke down. It was kinda mmm unexpectedly, you know. My husband was off for a work and I was forced to deal with it on my own.

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My Personal Thoughts on a Winning Nursing Cover Letter

cover letter for nurse

Hello to all my dear readers!

Remember we have talked about LinkedIn profile writing tips for working mamas? I think I wanted to bring the topic of employment back to your eyes and I have several crucial reasons why. Some of my readers asked me to write a little more on resumes in a nursing industry since many women with kids choose to be a nurse because of flexible working conditions. And I think I would totally agree with that claim. I mean, you can always tailor your working hours and shifts however you’re comfortable with. Besides, there is a great range of job options in the nursing field starting from ambulatory and acute care nursing and finishing with school nurses and pharmaceutical and device saleswomen.

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Traveling with Kids: Mission Possible!

checklist for traveling with kids

Hello to all parents from my tiny Moms community! How are you doing? Are you all, guys, still at home or fell through the exciting traveling atmosphere leaving your exhausting routine behind? Hope at least someone of you enjoys sunny alluring oceanfront or lunged to the breathtaking kaleidoscope of the adventures in Europe!

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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Orthotics and Even More

best orthotics

Hello to my pretty ladies!

So I have been very busy lately trying to get everything ready for my son’s new school semester. You know, running late errands can be very stressful especially with Bogdan – he is so impatient when it comes to shopping even if when the reason of shopping is basically him. We had a long list of things to buy, which included running shoes for his PT class, a long-sleeve jacket, and stationary stuff, which by the way was indeed one of the main “items of expenditure”.

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