Everything You Need To Know About Custom Orthotics and Even More

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Hello to my pretty ladies!

So I have been very busy lately trying to get everything ready for my son’s new school semester. You know, running late errands can be very stressful especially with Bogdan – he is so impatient when it comes to shopping even if when the reason of shopping is basically him. We had a long list of things to buy, which included running shoes for his PT class, a long-sleeve jacket, and stationary stuff, which by the way was indeed one of the main “items of expenditure”.

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Top 10 Best Vitamins for Men

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Hello to my precious readers in the new 2017! I bet you, guys, are too stuck in this New Year’s marvelous atmosphere of endless celebration and fun with your family and friends. And yes, coming back to the reality is quite harsh. For me, getting back to my writing routine was a bit of a challenge but at least I have managed to catch a strong wave of inspiration and continue my business here in my blog.

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Choosing the Best Running Orthotics with Irene Kot

Best Orthotics for Running Hello, my not average Moms! I’m glad to have a couple of minutes to discuss an important issue with you. Recently, my friend and I have noticed that a foot of her child is excessively pronated. As a result, his knee is rotated inward. In several days, they visited their family podiatrist and physiotherapist, who claimed that her son had a developing overpronation. His bad habit caused too much stress on his lower limbs, resulting in five stress fractures in both feet.

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My Top 9 Best Healthy Meals for the Family and Kids

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Being a mother puts many obligations on you, and that includes cooking regular healthy family meals.

Many searches prove the fact that healthy eating stimulates the kid’s high academic performance and forms his good eating habits for the rest of life.

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