Top 6 Online Magazines to Start Your Day With

online magazines for men and women


I have to confess that I actually like paper books and offline magazine issues much more than reading their electronic versions online on my iPad or smartphone. My everlasting love for reading is shown through several extra bookshelves in my room where I keep all of my purchased books and magazines.

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Get Ready for the Summer Heat and Choose the Best Roman Shades For Your House 

best roman shades

Excited for the hot summer weather? Me too! But it’s also important to know the downsides of such super-hot sunny days, namely when it comes to overheating in our house.

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My Top 11 Portable Solar Panels You Had No Idea Existed

portable rv solar panels

Hello, my precious!

Recent days were super exciting and joyful. But how can you not be happy when your precious son turns eight years old? I cannot describe how proud I am to have such a wonderful son and therefore his birthday is a real big deal for the whole family. To make story short, he was very excited by our surprise with a science show that we organized right at his school! Quite an unusual gift, don’t you think?

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Solar Panels for Your Home? Choose with Irene Kot!

choosing solar panels

Hello, my dear Mammies! Sorry for a gap in my blog. Last days were truly stressful for me. You know, I’m not the type of the person, who complains, especially in her blog BUT.

But a couple of days ago, right when I decided to write a blog about a healthy diet for postpartum women, our solar panels broke down. It was kinda mmm unexpectedly, you know. My husband was off for a work and I was forced to deal with it on my own.

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Dream Home Mortgage Reviews by Irene Kot

american dream home mortgage reviews

Good evening, my dear friends! How are you doing? Have the cherished dreams of your children come true?

A couple of days ago I realized that between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year there is a suitable time to talk to my dear Mammies! Xmas time seems to be a part-time job, doesn’t it? Dirty dishes, an endless stream of courses, guests, gifts, kids, and you are all alone in this charming Xmas chaos. Of course, I am just kidding. I love winter holidays in my big cozy house with a glowing fireplace, big drawing room, French windows, and breathtaking view!

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How to Make Your Home Cozy

make home feel cozyA house with a child or children must be a priori cozy. Still, it’s not always possible to make out coziness through the mess. Yes, sometimes my home looks like a madhouse. I don’t know how but my two angels can turn my house in a bedlam should I just turn away! I am sure most of the mothers face this problem daily. Still, I found out the solution to the ongoing mess! I know how to make your house cozy. Are you ready to changes?

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