Fun Indoor Games for Kids That Made My Stay-At-Home Days Easier

games for kids

Hello, my precious! I hope you all had a great week while I was kind of absent for this small period. You know, there were so many things to take care of and I just couldn’t find a spare minute to actually sit down at the table, put my thoughts together and write another blog post. Hopefully, this short “crisis” is about to end and I am back in the game.

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Professional Dissertation Writing: Finding Reasonable Solution Together

professional dissertation writing

The hype around St. Valentine’s Day subsides and sweet couples start gradually coming back to their routine. A great part of students now is working on their dissertations, isn’t it? A friend of mine has just complained about her son always sitting over textbooks, tutorials, and getting his dissertation done. “What a lucky Mom” you will think BUT I always emphasize on the fact that there HAS to be something besides studying.

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Traveling with Kids: Mission Possible!

checklist for traveling with kids

Hello to all parents from my tiny Moms community! How are you doing? Are you all, guys, still at home or fell through the exciting traveling atmosphere leaving your exhausting routine behind? Hope at least someone of you enjoys sunny alluring oceanfront or lunged to the breathtaking kaleidoscope of the adventures in Europe!

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Dream Home Mortgage Reviews by Irene Kot

american dream home mortgage reviews

Good evening, my dear friends! How are you doing? Have the cherished dreams of your children come true?

A couple of days ago I realized that between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year there is a suitable time to talk to my dear Mammies! Xmas time seems to be a part-time job, doesn’t it? Dirty dishes, an endless stream of courses, guests, gifts, kids, and you are all alone in this charming Xmas chaos. Of course, I am just kidding. I love winter holidays in my big cozy house with a glowing fireplace, big drawing room, French windows, and breathtaking view!

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5 Luxury Birthday Celebration Ideas

birthday celebration ideas

Hello, my dear readers! Today was a busy day; I was running some errands in the morning and then doing chores around the house. In the evening, I decided to spend a little more time with kids, so Bogdan and I made a homemade pizza and afterwards together with Solomia we have been watching our favorite Disney cartoons.

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7 Ways to Spend Your Time with Kids More Creatively

spending time with kids

Every parent, especially mothers like me, would agree that parenting is full of obligations and responsibilities you must have a total control of – picking up your kid after extracurriculars, preparing dinners and everyday lunch bags, helping out with homework, running errands etc, not to say even some mothers are employed from nine-to-five.

No wonder, when being in the center of such an absorptive routine, I’ve barely noticed how fast my child grew up from 12-month old toddler to a preschooler. Out of my own experience of being a solicitous parent, I’ve learned a simple vital truth – each of us has to spend some meaningful time with a child or children no matter how busy both of your schedules are.

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My Top 9 Best Healthy Meals for the Family and Kids

healthy food for family
Being a mother puts many obligations on you, and that includes cooking regular healthy family meals.

Many searches prove the fact that healthy eating stimulates the kid’s high academic performance and forms his good eating habits for the rest of life.

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The Busy Budgeting Mama Tips to Stay Healthy

busy budgetigEvery mom knows that living on a budget is much more challenging that it sounds. When your monthly paycheck isn’t flexible and sticks to a certain plan, you can’t simply waste money on expensive organic foods or a gym annual membership. At the meantime, you can’t let your family suffer from unhealthy meals and other habits only because you’re living frugally, especially when you’re raising children.

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