Resume Editing: I Know How to Improve Your Resume

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Hi, ladies! How many working Moms read me? I hope that a great number of working Moms or Moms, who are going to become job seekers, is a huge part of my audience. So, I thought that there are too many articles about home and parenting for my business ladies. I have already posted a couple of articles dedicated to resume and nursing cover letter.

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Professional Dissertation Writing: Finding Reasonable Solution Together

professional dissertation writing

The hype around St. Valentine’s Day subsides and sweet couples start gradually coming back to their routine. A great part of students now is working on their dissertations, isn’t it? A friend of mine has just complained about her son always sitting over textbooks, tutorials, and getting his dissertation done. “What a lucky Mom” you will think BUT I always emphasize on the fact that there HAS to be something besides studying.

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Time to Apply for Loans for Women in Business!

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USA women owe 9.4 million of firms, supply 7.9 million jobs, and produce $1.5 trillion in sales. Just ponder about this information! It’s a powerful purpose to launch your own business, isn’t it? Thousands of American women managed to do it and you will!

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How To Make Good-Looking Infographic And Spend Less Than a Whole Day On It?

making infpgraphic

Happy February! How were your first days of this month? I had some great time with kids this weekend. We have spent two days out of the city and closer to nature. Even though it was cold, it was a real bless to enjoy the beauty of winter in the woods. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to spring since it’s my most favorite season out of all.

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How to Finance Your Small Business as a Working Mother? 

finance small business

Everyone says we are now living through a very hard time when mothers can’t afford to stay at home and raise their children without having a stable source of income.

And I am not talking only about single mothers. Anyway, all of my working readers should know what it’s like to count every penny when living on a budget.

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My Personal Thoughts on a Winning Nursing Cover Letter

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Hello to all my dear readers!

Remember we have talked about LinkedIn profile writing tips for working mamas? I think I wanted to bring the topic of employment back to your eyes and I have several crucial reasons why. Some of my readers asked me to write a little more on resumes in a nursing industry since many women with kids choose to be a nurse because of flexible working conditions. And I think I would totally agree with that claim. I mean, you can always tailor your working hours and shifts however you’re comfortable with. Besides, there is a great range of job options in the nursing field starting from ambulatory and acute care nursing and finishing with school nurses and pharmaceutical and device saleswomen.

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Choosing Best Hosting for WordPress

choosing hosting for wordpress

Good evening, ladies! After I’ve posted a blog about best hosting companies, I received plenty of emails from you (thanks for them). You, ladies, asked me if I could develop this topic and consider “Wordpress issue”. Of course, I can! On these lazy days, when my children still have holidays, the atmosphere in our house is relaxed and they even agree to frozen pizza for dinner (yes, I know how harmful it is, but sometimes…).

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Choosing the Best Web Hosting for Personal Blog

hosting for blog

Do you have a habit of lining the results of the expiring year on a piece of paper? Because I do. I think this long list of my accomplishments and failures does always motivate me to acquire even more successes and of course work harder on my weak spots. Writing the one as a summary for 2016, I have realized it’s been a really long (well, at least for me) year replete with joy, love, and mercy to be a happy wife and a mother of two adorable kids. I can actually speak for ages of how grateful I am for this past year that was meant to fulfill my life with new experience and opportunities.

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Best Resume Writing Service 2017

resume writing service reviews

Hey, Mammies! How was your Xmas? My holiday was full of happiness, surprises, and fallen Xmas tree (thanks to Bogdan!). I jumped right into Xmas atmosphere but, finally, I got time to drop a line in my blog.

You know, recently I’ve received an email from my ex-colleague, who described a typical Mommy routine, God knows why. Still, during mailing she mentioned that she finally managed to find a job. Jess was a stay-at-home Mom with experience. Now, her life changed the speed and I am still surprised.

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7 Tips For Working Mamas to Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

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Hello, dear mamas and everyone else who came across my blog and got interested in what I am writing here! Today I’d like to continue my topic on employment for mothers who have just got back to work after their maternity leave or still are in process of job searching, as for many families it is the only way to plan dream home mortgage. Either way, I am going to emphasize on LinkedIn as one of the crucial factors to help you get employed and keep your online presence on a professional level.

LinkedIn is a very powerful job search tool you can’t just ignore. Now, if you’re a mother of one or several little kids, you should have probably left your job for a maternity leave.

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