7 Ways to Spend Your Time with Kids More Creatively

spending time with kids

Every parent, especially mothers like me, would agree that parenting is full of obligations and responsibilities you must have a total control of – picking up your kid after extracurriculars, preparing dinners and everyday lunch bags, helping out with homework, running errands etc, not to say even some mothers are employed from nine-to-five.

No wonder, when being in the center of such an absorptive routine, I’ve barely noticed how fast my child grew up from 12-month old toddler to a preschooler. Out of my own experience of being a solicitous parent, I’ve learned a simple vital truth – each of us has to spend some meaningful time with a child or children no matter how busy both of your schedules are.

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How to Become a Certified Resume Writer

become certified resume writer

Finally, I’ve got a minute to write to my dear friends! I am going to address a very harassing subject, which I’ve already mentioned before. We have already talked about the role of the beloved job in the life of the young Mom. I’ve got lots of responses to this article and some Moms grumbled about their desire to work despite the established order in their family. Relying on my experience, I can say for sure – the promising solution exists! What’s it?

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Stay at Home Mom vs. Working Mom – What to Choose?

working vs stay at home mom

Stay at home or start looking for a job – this is a pressing dilemma of all Moms in the decree. I know how complicated this choice is. I know dozens of Moms, who still can’t make the right decision. So, you aren’t alone in this problem. The solution won’t come itself. There are 5 crucial things to consider. In fact, there are more important factors, which are individual. Thus, consider the following 5 things before looking for a job or giving up on work.

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My Top 9 Best Healthy Meals for the Family and Kids

healthy food for family
Being a mother puts many obligations on you, and that includes cooking regular healthy family meals.

Many searches prove the fact that healthy eating stimulates the kid’s high academic performance and forms his good eating habits for the rest of life.

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The Busy Budgeting Mama Tips to Stay Healthy

busy budgetigEvery mom knows that living on a budget is much more challenging that it sounds. When your monthly paycheck isn’t flexible and sticks to a certain plan, you can’t simply waste money on expensive organic foods or a gym annual membership. At the meantime, you can’t let your family suffer from unhealthy meals and other habits only because you’re living frugally, especially when you’re raising children.

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How to Make Your Home Cozy

make home feel cozyA house with a child or children must be a priori cozy. Still, it’s not always possible to make out coziness through the mess. Yes, sometimes my home looks like a madhouse. I don’t know how but my two angels can turn my house in a bedlam should I just turn away! I am sure most of the mothers face this problem daily. Still, I found out the solution to the ongoing mess! I know how to make your house cozy. Are you ready to changes?

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